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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men finally dated

The summer software dirge is over, 2K Games has bestowed the wonders of BioShock upon us, Halo 3 is tearing records up all over the place as international retail checkouts dance to the Master Chief’s explosive song, and the holiday season horizon looks distinctly rosy as 2007’s twilight begins to spread its glow. But, beyond the obvious software ‘big-hitters’ inbound to target before 2008, what else of note is worth keeping an eye out for from the perspective of creeping ‘dark horse’?

Well, how about third-person action shooter Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, which was today labelled with its official release dates in both North America and Europe. Developed by IO Interactive of Hitman fame, and published by Eidos, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men will blast its way onto retail shelves in the states on November 20 before then hitting European shores on November 23.

But what’s it all about? Well, following the death of his son, Kane abandons family life in favour of a place within “The 7,” a group of elite mercenaries. However, after years of success, a dangerous Venezuelan mission violently collapses, leaving Kane with the loot as the only surviving member of The 7.

But Kane’s luck runs out when he is captured and sentenced to death for his crimes. Unbeknownst to Kane, not all members of The 7 have met their maker, and they also intend to punish him with death – as a traitor. Busting him out of a prison van, The 7 form a deadly deal with Kane: in return for the Venezuelan loot, his wife and daughter will not be killed, though Kane himself will forfeit his life regardless.

To ensure that Kane completes his mission for The 7, and that all the fruits of their labour are returned, the group also busts out Lynch, a medicated psychopath charged with being Kane’s watchdog to ensure that he holds up his end of the deadly bargain.

And so, with Kane positioned as an experienced mercenary with everything to lose, and Lynch accompanying him as an unbalanced madman with everything to gain, the two men forge an unlikely, hate fueled, and volatile partnership to save Kane’s family and stop The 7… while trying not to kill each other in the process.

Game trailers and screenshots for Kane & Lynch suggest it could well sneak up on the blindside and be a surprise hit when it’s finally released. Of the media sources that have thus far come into contact with IO Interactive’s no-holds-barred action epic, Xbox 360 magazine said it, “crackles with the energy and pace of thrillers such as Heat, The Matrix or The Departed,” while 360 Gamer labelled it as “manic, explosive, fast, furious and relentlessly enjoyable… a game that could well compete against the top titles of 2007,” and GamesTM enthused that it “…will surely stand out for being a darker and more adult game than Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas put together.”

So, all in all, one to watch as its November release date approach. Want to know more? Scroll down for some of the very latest trailer and gameplay clips on Kane & Lynch: Dead Men – courtesy of

In other related Eidos news, the publisher has said that the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii versions of Tomb Raider: Anniversary have now been scheduled for a “pre Christmas launch,” while sequels to Just Cause and Battlestations: Midway are in development, and further Tomb Raider and Hitman series sequels are also on the cards for future appearances. & Lynch: Dead Men finally dated newsvine:Kane & Lynch: Dead Men finally dated furl:Kane & Lynch: Dead Men finally dated reddit:Kane & Lynch: Dead Men finally dated fark:Kane & Lynch: Dead Men finally dated Y!:Kane & Lynch: Dead Men finally dated gamegrep:Kane & Lynch: Dead Men finally dated

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Comment by Veritas on 2007-09-27 20:53:43 | Reply

Nice. Ready for the holiday, too.

Comment by Toonsis on 2007-09-27 21:48:04 | Reply

God damn, too many awesome looking games coming out in such a short time period!

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2007-09-28 19:38:53 | Reply

Shhh! Do you hear that??
It’s the sound of nobody caring.

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