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Exclusive: Screwjumper! Achievements, release confirmed

Get your diaries out everyone, as it has been confirmed to us that Screwjumper! will be releasing next week for the Arcade. No need for a Microsoft press release here. We also have the Achievements complete with pretty pictures after the jump.

The 14th November will see Screwjumper! hitting the Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Points and looks set to be a good laugh. We recently got the chance to interview the guys too which proved insightful, so keep an eye on this next week.

As promised, here are the Achievements too. Will Gamerscore whores be happy with this set? Let’s hope so!

Image Name Description Gamerscore
Time Challenge Successfully complete the first level within par time. 10
Scrutonian Savior Complete levels 1-5 in normal mode. 10
Libitino Liberator Complete levels 6-10 in normal mode. 15
Complete levels 11-15 in normal mode. 20
First Class!
Complete levels 16-20 in normal mode. 25
Triple-Digit Destructo Destroy 100 or more objects in a single level. 15
Untouchable Take no damage for the duration of an entire level. 10
Multiplayer Madman Attain first place in an Xbox LIVE game. 10
The Iron
Complete endurance mode. 40
Speed Freak Complete levels 1-20 in Time Trial Mode. 15
Leader of the
Complete levels 1-13 in race mode. 15
Mayhemius Maximus Achieve a score of 50,000,000 in any mode. 15

Who’s anticipating this? Screwjumper! Achievements, release confirmed newsvine:Exclusive: Screwjumper! Achievements, release confirmed furl:Exclusive: Screwjumper! Achievements, release confirmed reddit:Exclusive: Screwjumper! Achievements, release confirmed fark:Exclusive: Screwjumper! Achievements, release confirmed Y!:Exclusive: Screwjumper! Achievements, release confirmed gamegrep:Exclusive: Screwjumper! Achievements, release confirmed

7 comments on 'Exclusive: Screwjumper! Achievements, release confirmed'

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Comment by Carabus on 2007-11-08 02:16:20 | Reply


Comment by EUPHOR1C on 2007-11-08 03:40:58 | Reply

a couple hand claps………….then dead silence

Comment by Fonejacker on 2007-11-08 06:28:14 | Reply

what the hell is Screwjumper?

M$ need to stop releasing all these bad arcade games..

It’s all dogshit wrapped in candypaper

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-11-08 16:46:11 | Reply

He says without knowing what it is…

Comment by Jamzy No 2 on 2007-11-08 21:18:53 | Reply

in my experience the worst aracde games are the ones ive known for years gauntlet frogger id never even heard of geo wars yet its prob the best xbla gme

Comment by Robloz51 on 2007-11-08 18:05:19 | Reply

This game looks really good fun. Might have to pick this up.

Comment by SneakySnake on 2007-11-09 03:57:56 | Reply

havent seen much about it. ive been kinda outta the xbox scene since my box broke 3 months or so ago and i only just got arounding to sending it in about a month ago, but hopefully it should be back in soon. I’ll probably easily spend the price of a full retail title or two even with the amount of XBLA stuff that has come out since then. lots of good titles ive been looking to forward too.

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