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Football Manager 2008 confirmed for Xbox 360

Football purists preferring to exercise their sporting addiction through computer and videogame channels without being drawn into the petty fanboy squabbles generally associated with the likes of FIFA and Pro Evolution can today rejoice… because SEGA has confirmed that Football Manager 2008 is coming to the Xbox 360.

More pointedly, SEGA Europe Ltd has announced the imminent spring 2008 arrival of everyone’s favourite managerial soccer simulation, which once again has been crafted under the BAFTA award-winning watchful eye of Sports Interactive Ltd.

Fully updated for accurate alignment with the new football season, which will include any club-to-club transfers presently unfolding in the mid-season transfer period (we assume that will include Chelsea’s 15 million GBP acquisition of want-away Bolton striker Nicolas Anelka), Football Manager 2008 will allow players to select their favourite national or international team before guiding it to trophies, championship titles, and ultimate football glory.

Football Manager 2008 on Xbox 360 gives console gamers the chance to dive into the wonderful world of football management.” commented Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive Ltd. “With the same feature set to the PC version and various online modes, we hope that there is something for every Xbox 360 owner to get stuck into.”

Set to deliver all the trademark depth and realism on offer via the “record breaking PC version” of Football Manager, the new Xbox 360 edition will also include enhanced online play via Xbox Live, allowing players host tournaments and even issue head-to-head challenges to friends.

Football Manager 2008 is pencilled in for release on March 28. Learn more by clicking HERE. Manager 2008 confirmed for Xbox 360 newsvine:Football Manager 2008 confirmed for Xbox 360 furl:Football Manager 2008 confirmed for Xbox 360 reddit:Football Manager 2008 confirmed for Xbox 360 fark:Football Manager 2008 confirmed for Xbox 360 Y!:Football Manager 2008 confirmed for Xbox 360 gamegrep:Football Manager 2008 confirmed for Xbox 360

3 comments on 'Football Manager 2008 confirmed for Xbox 360'

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Comment by Studley on 2008-01-11 20:18:25 | Reply

Well, if it’s anything like the last two versions, it’ll allow you to guide your team to trophies, titles and glory until your save-game mysteriously corrupts and refuses to load.

Support on the game was abysmal, it took them NINE MONTHS to release any kind of patch, and there’ve been no end of problems with the multiplayer.

Put simply, if you’ve got a PC, you’re far better off with that version (although FM2008 on the PC is far from the best version so far)

Now, if only we could persuade them to release Championship Manager 2 on XBLA…

Good call Studley, I liked Champ Manager 2 as well.

Comment by Jamzy No 2 on 2008-01-12 14:07:14 | Reply

my game has evral times mysteriously corrupted itself, one of the most annoying things ever, other than that i don’t mind FM on 360.I actually like the controls on my pad more which is weird i know.

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