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Grab Oceanic Airlines theme, enter 360 sweepstakes

In a seemingly odd move, the folks at Microsoft have teamed up with the ficticious Oceanic Airlines (from Lost) to offer Xbox 360 owners the opportunity to win one of six prize packs which includes…another Xbox 360. In order to be in the draw to win the prize pack, you’ve got to jump onto Xbox Live and download the Oceanic Airlines theme pack before midnight Pacific Time on February 10. Of course, should you not own an Xbox 360, you can write your details on a 3×5 card and send them into the address listed in the rules.

Six lucky folks will pick up an Oceanic Airlines Prize Pack which includes an Xbox 360 Pro, 12 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold, 1600 Microsoft Points, and a special surprise package from ABC and Oceanic Airlines. Three runners up will receive the special surprise package. What will actually be in the surprise package is anyone’s guess.

Winners will be chosen on February 24, and the contest is only open to residents of the United States.

What will you do with an extra 360? Keep it as a replacement for that ticking RRoD timebomb? Or perhaps give it to your mom with a copy of Call of Duty 4? She’ll love it. Oceanic Airlines theme, enter 360 sweepstakes newsvine:Grab Oceanic Airlines theme, enter 360 sweepstakes furl:Grab Oceanic Airlines theme, enter 360 sweepstakes reddit:Grab Oceanic Airlines theme, enter 360 sweepstakes fark:Grab Oceanic Airlines theme, enter 360 sweepstakes Y!:Grab Oceanic Airlines theme, enter 360 sweepstakes gamegrep:Grab Oceanic Airlines theme, enter 360 sweepstakes

15 comments on 'Grab Oceanic Airlines theme, enter 360 sweepstakes'

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Comment by DGSmith2 on 2008-02-04 11:16:27 | Reply

why are the draws only in america like every time :( we need sum european draws :(

Comment by Raine on 2008-02-04 11:31:06 | Reply

Canada too, please.

Comment by DBS on 2008-02-04 13:05:45 | Reply

Don’t blame Americans, they are blissfully unaware of anything outside of their borders!

Comment by keemira on 2008-02-04 13:22:26 | Reply

lmao its funny cuz its true, but canada needs to have draws like this i want MSP or another 360 lol :P

Comment by KBY on 2008-02-04 13:29:22 | Reply

True, their news for instance primarily has US news as international news didn’t get enough ratings, go figure

Comment by McGrude on 2008-02-04 20:45:25 | Reply

DGSmith2: “why are the draws only in america like every time :( we need sum european draws :(”

Maybe because companies in UK/Europe aren’t bothering to sponsor any? Ever think of that?

Comment by FoolInjection on 2008-02-04 22:29:44 | Reply

Shouldn’t Microsoft be pushing the platform as a means for UK\European divisions of these American companies to advertise here though.

I mean it’s not like we haven’t seen LOST or the XBOX 360 here in the UK\Europe before, I just don’t think MS is pushing the 360 so much here as they are in the US. Seems they spend most of there time getting the rights to stuff for the US market and don’t bother there arse for anywhere else in the world.

Henceforth the reason as well that the Video Marketplace has taken so long to trickle down to the UK etc.

Comment by stevoslice on 2008-02-05 16:47:28 | Reply

microsoft don’t need a sponsor to give back a grand total of about €1000 to its millions of live users in europe, do they?

Comment by TickyTackytoe on 2008-02-04 17:25:38 | Reply

4 8 15 16 23 42

Comment by divyen90 on 2008-02-04 20:05:38 | Reply

Is this a free theme?


Comment by divyen90 on 2008-02-04 21:04:36 | Reply

thx =)

Comment by augustusbot on 2008-02-04 21:32:10 | Reply

LOST sucks.

Comment by trj156 on 2008-02-04 21:55:50 | Reply

television dramas suck in general

Comment by Tater on 2008-02-05 18:58:25 | Reply

If Lost sucks so much why did you feel the need to take the time and comment on it?

I’d guess you missed a few episodes, or seasons, and expect to be able to jump right in. Its not that kind of drama. It’s basically one ~85 hour episode broken up into 42 minute sections.

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