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Mass Effect sequel to be a timed 360 exclusive

When Electronic Arts snatched up BioWare back in October 2007, the intertubes echoed with cries of disgust and sorrow because it indicated a downfall for Mass Effect, as well as the end of Xbox 360 exclusivity. While it’s too early to tell about the former, it appears the latter assumption was partially wrong, as Bioware has revealed to CVG that Mass Effect 2 could very well end up being a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360.

This is what BioWare senior manager Matt Atwood had to say on the subject:

I believe we’ll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time.

We’re still working out the details on that, but we’ve had a great relationship with Microsoft and done very well.

After the 360 exclusitivity deal for Mass Effect 2 would end, the follow-up would head to PC which isn’t at all surprising seeing as how the original is slated for release on PC this May.

I think you’ll see a PC version not too far away. We haven’t solidified the plans yet but we’re headed in the direction where we want to be as close as possible [on PC].

What does surprise us, however, is the lack of any mention of a PS3 version. Don’t get your hopes up though, Xbox 360 fanboys, as it would be stupid to assume that a publisher like EA would ignore the 10 million installer base. Either way, timed exclusivity is more than we could ask for. Effect sequel to be a timed 360 exclusive newsvine:Mass Effect sequel to be a timed 360 exclusive furl:Mass Effect sequel to be a timed 360 exclusive reddit:Mass Effect sequel to be a timed 360 exclusive fark:Mass Effect sequel to be a timed 360 exclusive Y!:Mass Effect sequel to be a timed 360 exclusive gamegrep:Mass Effect sequel to be a timed 360 exclusive

14 comments on 'Mass Effect sequel to be a timed 360 exclusive'

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Comment by Mornelithe on 2008-03-14 21:12:01 | Reply

It’s ok, each system will undoubtedly retain certain exclusivities…I’m ok with MGS4, GT5 and FFXIII.


As I’m OK with Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden and Bioshock 2.

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2008-03-14 22:09:29 | Reply

Really? You sure you’re ok with those? Because if that was my lineup I’m pretty certain I’d drive head-on into the nearest bridge support.

Comment by o Pizzle o on 2008-03-14 23:37:51 | Reply

If ya didn’t like those games I’m pretty sure I’ll make certain you don’t miss that bridge support. ;)

Comment by phil harrison on 2008-03-14 23:45:16 | Reply

Xbox 360 has way better games than the PS3. Don’t get me wrong PS3 is a Great Blu-ray player

Comment by Lone Goat on 2008-03-14 23:56:58 | Reply

nice one kid.. that made me do a spit-take

Comment by Ty on 2008-03-14 21:32:34 | Reply

Let’s hope they add more “Mature” themes this time.

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2008-03-14 22:07:41 | Reply

I’d rather the 360 get exclusives for good games, but whatever.

What would you class as a good game? seeing as everything i’ve ever seen from you is you whining like a stuck up little girl…?

Comment by Nathan on 2008-08-13 17:52:14 | Reply

look Guys you both have very good points but both systems have exclusives and makes them both great,MGS4 is a great game so is gears of war but at the end of the day the XBOX is much better due to one simple thing, XBOX Live!!! the PS3 dosen not manage online gaming at all yes its free, but live has so much more to offer than the PS3 with the abilty to chat while playing diffrent games with your mates. also having the real time update to what all your friends are doing. face it Xbox Live is just a much better orginising tool for online gaming with the plus advantage that it is alot more user friendly. and if im not mistaken online gaming is the newest thing on the market. almost every game these days are online coop. yes there has been a lot to say about playstation HOME, but still as it stands its just talk, untill its out we’ll just have to wait and see

Comment by katan13 on 2008-08-14 12:57:58 | Reply

I think the “which is better, xbox 360 or ps3?” argument will go on forever, it might even turn into full scale war one day. Kinda gives me a warm glow inside :o)

Comment by The_Glovner on 2008-08-14 13:15:59 | Reply

At least we will be trained on the 360 with the sheer amount of FPS’s then.

If you want to see what type of clauses are within the warranty to make sure that your covered if you buy that particular laptop. Thank You :smile:

Comment by Excel Consultants on 2010-10-25 18:33:11 | Reply

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