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Activision announces Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

After being leaked earlier in a decidedly blurry snap of an advert for retailer Gamespot, Activision has spoken out to confirm that Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is in development for the Microsoft Xbox 360.

Being put together by Shaba Games (previously responsible for the likes of Tony Hawk’s Project 8 and Shrek Super Slam amongst others), Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, reports IGN, is said to immerse players in the world of the sticky-palmed superhero like never before.

With a choice of two protagonists from the off (either Spidey himself or a destructive anti-hero), gamers will be faced with an “unrecognisable” New York City, as they side with or against a number of other famous characters from Marvel’s vast comic book catalogue. Able to switch alliances at the drop of the hat, it appears as if a dynamic storyline will develop, all depending on the decisions you make as the adventure unfolds.

Activision promises an all-new combat system, combining web-slinging with customisable combination-based superpowers, giving players more acrobatic freedom than ever as they face the perils of the Big Apple, on a mission to save mankind. It isn’t quite clear who Spider-Man, ultimately, is up against in Web of Shadows, but the teaser trailer might give a few clues to fans of the lycra-clad arachnid-wannabe. Whoever it is, they’re making one hell of a mess.

We’ll bring you more details on Spider-Man Web of Shadows as we get them. announces Spider-Man: Web of Shadows newsvine:Activision announces Spider-Man: Web of Shadows furl:Activision announces Spider-Man: Web of Shadows reddit:Activision announces Spider-Man: Web of Shadows fark:Activision announces Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Y!:Activision announces Spider-Man: Web of Shadows gamegrep:Activision announces Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

4 comments on 'Activision announces Spider-Man: Web of Shadows'

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Comment by T800 on 2008-04-18 09:31:35 | Reply

I like the Spider-Man games and I’m looking forward to this, I just hope they give the swinging some more momentum. On Spidey 2 if you jumped off the Empire State and swung before you hit he ground he went really fast and you could get up some serious speed. In Spidey 3 he just swung pretty much normal speed all the time.

Comment by Anthony on 2008-04-18 18:43:07 | Reply

Spider-Man 2 (the game and the movie) was amazing. Unfortunately, Spider-Man 3 (the movie was rubbish…

Comment by Anthony on 2008-04-18 18:45:15 | Reply

Anti-hero? The Hulk?

Comment by Takumi on 2008-04-22 10:43:08 | Reply

LoL looks a bit shit

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