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Burnout update live, but with an issue

Anyone firing up Burnout Paradise on the 360 today will notice that the Bogart update spoken of before is now Live. However things aren’t plain sailing, as there’s a framerate issue also installed.

The full update details can be found here, so peruse them to refresh the brain. The new issue though is detailed by Criterion:

We’re aware there are some framerate issues with yesterday’s Bogart update on some Xbox 360s.

This relates specifically to the frame rate in streaming zones and does not seem to be an issue on all machines.

Thanks to everyone for all the feeedback on the forums.

We’re doing everything we can to resolve this as quickly as possible and will post further info on a solution as soon as we have it.

Hopefully the issue can be resolved fairly rapidly, as everyone who is affected by this will surely not be too happy. It’s game-breaking within an update that was supposed to add only fun things. Thanks for testing it Criterion! update live, but with an issue newsvine:Burnout update live, but with an issue furl:Burnout update live, but with an issue reddit:Burnout update live, but with an issue fark:Burnout update live, but with an issue Y!:Burnout update live, but with an issue gamegrep:Burnout update live, but with an issue

2 comments on 'Burnout update live, but with an issue'

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Comment by mu on 2008-04-19 17:47:57 | Reply

that’s what you get when you decide to finish a game after you release it.

good job criterion, your quality assurance crew must be doing cartwheels.

LMAO, its not just them a lot of the devs aren’t releaseing finished games often enough

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