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Rockstar dates Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Just as Grand Theft Auto IV is getting ready to leave the nest, Rockstar has pinned down a release date for the latest installment of the Midnight Club series, subtitled Los Angeles. Developed by the franchise creator Rockstar San Diego, the open-world street racing series will debut in North America on September 9th and the 12th in Europe.

Said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games:

“From the beginning, Midnight Club has been about street racing in a open-world. With our team at Rockstar San Diego we have developed a game that we feel once again pushes the boundaries and expectations of what a racing game can be.”

Jay Panek, Midnight Club Producer at Rockstar San Diego, seemed equally excited for Midnight Club: Los Angeles:

“People are going to be blown away when they see how true-to-life Los Angeles looks in this game. We’ve added some great twists and turns that let players experience the authentic vibe and feel of the city at blistering speeds that you simply couldn’t get away with in real life.”

Intent on raising the stakes for the free roaming street racing series, Rockstar San Diego assures the player that the fourth iteration will deliver on all the promises made so far, including a seamless racing playground free of load times, a vast array of vehicles such as imports, classic muscle cars and motorcycles, and extensive customization for both performance and appearance of the featured vehicles. dates Midnight Club: Los Angeles newsvine:Rockstar dates Midnight Club: Los Angeles furl:Rockstar dates Midnight Club: Los Angeles reddit:Rockstar dates Midnight Club: Los Angeles fark:Rockstar dates Midnight Club: Los Angeles Y!:Rockstar dates Midnight Club: Los Angeles gamegrep:Rockstar dates Midnight Club: Los Angeles

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Hell yea, Midnight Club 2 is still my favorite racing game of all time.

Burnout Paradise took alot of inspiration from the MC series, with the inclusion of a free roaming city and custom routes.

Comment by Number13 on 2008-04-23 10:09:29 | Reply

Dub Edition was my favourite racing game of all time (aside from Mario Kart on the SNES) and I really can’t wait for this!

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