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Summer Athletics hurdles onto Xbox 360

With the Beijing Olympic Games just on the horizon, dtp Entertainment AG is hoping to capitalise on all of the excitement around the world’s greatest sporting event (and, we imagine, less on people protesting during torch relays), with the release of Summer Athletics for the Microsoft Xbox 360.

Summer Athletics will feature over 25 exhausting disciplines, from sprinting, hurdles and archery to javelin, hammer throw and swimming. Dtp promises “innovative controls”

Four different difficulty levels aim to make Summer Sports accessible to gamers of all abilities, while a create-a-character mode and an “impressive stadium atmosphere” hope to bring the nerve-wrangling feeling of competition into your living room - lycra outfits and dodgy sweat bands optional.

We found it difficult to believe it too, but Summer Athletics will arrive in stores… this summer. Athletics hurdles onto Xbox 360 newsvine:Summer Athletics hurdles onto Xbox 360 furl:Summer Athletics hurdles onto Xbox 360 reddit:Summer Athletics hurdles onto Xbox 360 fark:Summer Athletics hurdles onto Xbox 360 Y!:Summer Athletics hurdles onto Xbox 360 gamegrep:Summer Athletics hurdles onto Xbox 360

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Comment by Steve Perry on 2008-04-24 15:36:43 | Reply

I hope it has a Free Tibet bonus round.

Nah just kidding, what I want to play is “Man trying to hit Konnie Huq in the face”.

Comment by M@ch on 2008-04-24 15:36:53 | Reply

Not one to rag on graphics, but this game looks like it should of come out on last gen technology. Hopefully the developers can bump it up by this summer.

it does look crappy, but most of these olympic games end up crappy because their sort of a gimmick no one really plays them after the olympics LOL

Comment by Karma on 2008-04-24 20:30:59 | Reply

I hope it has an event where you have to get the olympic torch to the stadium through a gauntlet of angry protesters. I’d buy it just for that.

LMAO whats funny is i would buy it for that too… maybe use the engine from dead rising but just make em an empty mob and the torch is the only weapon :)

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2008-04-24 22:26:52 | Reply

Innovative Controls? What that says to me is how fast I jiggle the thumbstick is how fast my guy will run.

Though I couldn’t careless about the Olympics in general, I wouldn’t have known something like this would have existed until Xboxic brought it up. Even now, I feel like I wasted energy and time just reading this article.

Comment by bleedingeyes on 2008-04-25 11:14:09 | Reply

Nothing wrong with this… Just get together with a few friends, drink a beer and get the hottest athlete onto the field and stretch, warm-up, stretch, warm-up, stretch…

sounds like a plan, except most of these “hot” athletes are ok… well… wait does this have the girl gymnasts :)

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