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Guitar Hero IV drum kit revealed

An image has surfaced from the same issue of Game Informer that gave us our first details on Guitar Hero IV. Neversoft has decided to go a different route than Harmonix for their drum kit. Rather than Rock Band’s four pads and a pedal, the Guitar Hero IV drum kit will feature 5 pads, two of which are elevated like cymbals, in addition to a pedal.

Neversoft also decided to toss a few jabs at Harmonix in the same article. They noted the annoyance of the amount of noise that the Rock Band drums give off while being played. They’ve reduced the noise and increased the spring off of the pad so the drums feel more realistic. They’re also promising that their drums won’t suffer the same pad cracking issues that their competitor’s has. And as a nice bonus to it all, Neversoft mentions that like their guitars, the drum kit will be wireless. There’s no word yet as to whether the kit will be cross compatible with Rock Band or whether the Rock Band drums can be used in Guitar Hero IV.

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18 comments on 'Guitar Hero IV drum kit revealed'

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Comment by DGSmith2 on 2008-05-15 18:43:14 | Reply

its all well and gd that GH are mixing things up a little and adding new things but how much is all this lot gunna cost?? if its as bad as the rock band prices then looks i going to keep away from this one.

Comment by Steve Perry on 2008-05-15 21:00:03 | Reply

YES I can’t wait to play the drums to some lame flavour of the month song.

Comment by Worms on 2008-05-15 22:33:01 | Reply

I like the design. But I have Rock Band already so I don’t see myself getting this.

Comment by Ali on 2008-05-16 11:56:09 | Reply

More kit at high cost, plus the selection of music on RB is better than GH. In an ideal world there would be more compatibility between the two to avoid having to buy so much hardware but that’s not gonna happen I guess …

Comment by BoBo The Clown on 2008-05-16 16:54:29 | Reply

It’s called Guitar Hero.
Doesn’t mention drums at all.

Comment by lordwoot on 2008-05-16 17:14:07 | Reply

If the drums can cross to Rock Band, then I’m in. Otherwise, there’s no reason to drop another couple of $200 bucks on a new gimmick

Comment by John B on 2008-05-17 00:44:15 | Reply

ah, i see admins are deleting my comments, wonder why

i didn’t even say anything bad, except that this is just another game with crappy plastic peripherals and a very unoriginal idea

LAME xboxic!!! not cool. You guys work for AT&T now?

Comment by John B on 2008-05-17 00:54:18 | Reply

My BAD!, ignore the above comment, i thought i was in the konami post!

—- sorry xboxic, game on.

Comment by TAFKAC on 2008-05-17 04:27:13 | Reply

Woah…. Guitar Hero? With drums? yeah…..Not gonna work.

Comment by brock on 2008-05-18 10:37:15 | Reply

what is the point of GUITAR HERO if you add drums?

Comment by MCycle07 on 2008-05-18 21:23:07 | Reply

to take more of our $$$

Comment by trj156 on 2008-05-20 04:25:43 | Reply

I liked Guitar Hero just because it was only Guitar.

Comment by Cobra on 2008-05-19 07:10:33 | Reply

Am I the only one on here that thinks this looks way better than rock band’s drum set? Maybe I am just partial towards guitar hero, or biased against EA. Either way, I think that activision can do a way better job than EA did with the instruments; I can’t wait to see a live action video. That is how we can truly decide whether this is worth purchasing or not.

Comment by nokidding on 2008-05-19 15:00:00 | Reply

how about heroine hero? or rehab hero?

Comment by rv on 2008-05-19 18:11:30 | Reply

Easy for the second to knock the first. They had something to improve on. That’s why the drums are cooler for GH4. But I like Konami’s approach and the songs mentioned. Even the music for GH4 sounds interesting. I’ve played the RB on 360 and I must say, it’s cool to play instruments but if the music sucks, then where’s the fun. A lot of money to spend to enjoy 3 or 4 songs. Don’t see any really good ones. Big artist names with b-side music. Enter Sandman was the best. Faith No More’s Epic was good. But not much else. If GH4 gets Guns N Roses and puts a song that was worth hearing once because it’s a cheaper license, then this will really suck like RB. I’d pay $5 for a good song instead of $40 or $30 for 50 crappy songs. And to promote music from the 80s, it’s stuff that no one listens to on a regular basis anyway. RB was a real dissapointment musically. Hope the music libraries are worked on much better with GH4 and Konami’s Rock Revolution. And as a Wii fan, make it all wireless. Quit wasting out time with cords (mainly RB on Wii).

Comment by Worms on 2008-05-19 19:22:39 | Reply

Always amazed at people saying the song choice sucks in RB. There’s a lot of tracks to like in RB:

Comment by Pedle Zelnip on 2008-05-23 14:33:12 | Reply

THere are, but there’s also alot of fluff in the main 45 songs.

Imagine this game had no DLC and tell me you’d be happy with the songs in it. I somehow doubt that.

Rock Band and Guitar Hero are just going to go back and forth releasing something new for each sequel until you have an actual band and instruments.

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