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Ready at Dawn ditches PSP, moves onto Wii/360/PS3

Whilst the Irvine, California-based studio Ready at Dawn is responsible for two of the largest PlayStation Portable hits over the past few years, the latest being God of War: Chains of Olympus, which has just gone gold in Japan, the developer has now revealed it is hanging up its development boots on the platform so it can focus on other formats instead.

Over on the company’s official website there is a statement about the final decision made:

“With Chains of Olympus going Gold in Japan (やったー!!ビッチズ!), we’re now officially done with PSP development. So today we sent all our devkits back and seeing all these boxes ready to be picked up definitely marks the end of an era here at Ready At Dawn. Can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store…”

Ready at Dawn's PlayStation Portable Devkits, set for return to Sony HQ
Ready at Dawn’s PlayStation Portable Devkits, set for return to Sony HQ

Ready at Dawn has always had the focus of the Press’s attention since being formed back in 2003 thanks to the team being made up primarily of ex-senior members from both Naughty Dog and Blizzard. The team left a strong mark on the Industry right from the word go with its début PlayStation Portable title, Daxter, hitting in 2006 and going on to sell well over two million copies around the world, and being used frequently to help sell the handheld via special bundling promotions. Its follow-up has already been both a retail success AND a critical one, with the game achieving one of the highest ever ratings for a PlayStation Portable game on popular ratings tracker Metacritic showing an average review score of 91% so far.

God of War: Chains of Olympus - the last ever game on PSP from Ready at Dawn Studios

“We initially set out to do games that showcased the hardware and became flagships for the PSP. We feel like we’ve achieved our goal of not only making great games but making games that are hardware-sellers. We’ve now come to the point where we have the team, the technology and two Intellectual Properties that we think would make absolutely incredible games so we’re going for it.

“It’s two totally different genres. We’re splitting off some guys to work on a smaller project, and those guys will rejoin the rest of the team when the other project enters full production.”
- Ready at Dawn’s President, Didier Malenfant, speaking with back in March 2008.

The studio has now moved onto Wii development, recently working with Capcom to expertly translated Clover Studios’ Okami from the PlayStation 2 to Nintendo’s Wii. However, Didier Malenfant has also stated to that the next step is to work on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, since the third version of the company’s game engine is now running on both platforms.

Exciting times ahead, no doubt. Be sure to air your thoughts by posting below… at Dawn ditches PSP, moves onto Wii/360/PS3 newsvine:Ready at Dawn ditches PSP, moves onto Wii/360/PS3 furl:Ready at Dawn ditches PSP, moves onto Wii/360/PS3 reddit:Ready at Dawn ditches PSP, moves onto Wii/360/PS3 fark:Ready at Dawn ditches PSP, moves onto Wii/360/PS3 Y!:Ready at Dawn ditches PSP, moves onto Wii/360/PS3 gamegrep:Ready at Dawn ditches PSP, moves onto Wii/360/PS3

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I can’t blame them for ditching the PsP. It’s on a downward spiral and can’t compete with the DS. Business always goes were the money is.

you said it

Comment by trj156 on 2008-06-16 00:15:43 | Reply

awww i like my psp

Comment by mu on 2008-06-16 20:16:25 | Reply

the psp is an incredible piece of hardware. i gave my ds to my friends ten year old.

and these guys have massive skills, and i for one am psyched for them to step up to the plate with some next gen home console goodness. anyone who has played god of war on the psp knows they can push hardware passed the realms of normalcy, and achieve some insane results. i am looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

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