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Camelot set to revive Breath of Fire series?

During a recent interview, Camelot Software Planning’s renowned heads of company, Hiroyuki and Shugo Takahashi, who like to be known simply as ‘The Takahashi Brothers’, revealed that they have been bumping up their depleted role-playing development team and are now more than happy to take on almost any project thrown at them.

Speaking with UK website CubedÂł in an interview set to be published this weekend about the impending Wii release of We Love Golf, which is being published by Capcom, The Takahashi Brothers were asked about future work with the publisher that is well-known for big hits such as Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Devil May Cry. Considering Camelot’s previous experience in the role-playing game field, and how Capcom has been neglecting its popular RPG franchise ‘Breath of Fire’ since the fifth entry on the PlayStation 2, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, released in Japan back in November 2002, the question of would they be willing to resurrect it seemed quite an obvious one. And the response was certainly more than slightly positive, as can be seen below: Considering your current deal with Capcom, and the fact that the company has left its Breath of Fire series untouched for far too long, would you ever give consideration to tackling the resurrection of that RPG franchise?

Hiroyuki and Shugo Takahashi, Camelot Software Planning: We get asked this a lot recently. The development team is extremely important in making an RPG and when some of the team left after Mario Tennis GBA we had to say it wasn’t possible. Lately, however, the gap is being filled and I’m quite confident to take on pretty much anything. It is possible to start planning for titles such as the Breath of Fire series. As I mentioned earlier, the number of games we can develop at a time is quite limited so we would like to consider what people want the most in order to determine the next title for development.

Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter (PlayStation 2, Capcom, 2002)

With the first two Breath of Fire games on the Super Nintendo, the third and fourth outings coming on the PSone and the latest release being on the PlayStation 2 nearly six years ago, if a sixth game does indeed go ahead, it would be anyone’s guess where it would land, since Capcom has been actively supporting all three leading current generation platforms.

Which system would you prefer to see a future Breath of Fire on, though - Wii, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3? Be sure to air your thoughts by posting below and stick around for further updates… set to revive Breath of Fire series? newsvine:Camelot set to revive Breath of Fire series? furl:Camelot set to revive Breath of Fire series? reddit:Camelot set to revive Breath of Fire series? fark:Camelot set to revive Breath of Fire series? Y!:Camelot set to revive Breath of Fire series? gamegrep:Camelot set to revive Breath of Fire series?

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Comment by Voyager2k on 2008-06-26 12:46:41 | Reply

Breath of Fire was a very nice series at first but I felt that the series progressively got worse with each new game.

But still, the thought of BoF coming back - possibly to ps3/360 - is very exciting. Wild Arms on ps3/360 would also be quite nice.

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