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Square Enix reveals TGS 08 games line-up

With the Tokyo Games Show between 9th and 12th October, various companies have started to reveal what they will be showcasing at the major event over in Japan. One such company is Square Enix, which most will be looking at for more information on the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts front.

The Role-Playing King of Japan has added a new Tokyo Games Show-dedicated page to its official Japanese website in order to keep fans abreast of the latest new surrounding the show. As Kotaku has noticed, though, there are some major issues with the list so far.

Square Enix is storming off to the Tokyo Games Show next month

Just take a look at the list revealed as of now:

  • Final Fantasy XIII - 2009 Release, Trailer
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII - TBA, Trailer
  • Final Fantasy Agito XIII - TBA, Trailer
  • Dragon Quest IX - 2008 Release, Trailer
  • The 3rd Birthday - TBA, Trailer
  • Chrono Trigger - 11/27/08, Trailer
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Winter 2008, Trailer, Demo
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - 2009 Release, Trailer, Demo
  • Kingdom Hearts Coded - Winter 2008, Trailer
  • Valkyrie Profile - 10/30/08, Trailer, Demo
  • DISSIDIA Final Fantasy - 12/18/08, Trailer, Demo
  • The Last Remnant - 11/20/08, Undecided
  • Star Ocean 4 - Spring 2009, Undecided
  • Infinite Undiscovery - 9/11/08, Trailer
  • Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book - Winter 2008, Trailer, Demo
  • Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon DS+ - 10/30/08, Trailer, Demo
  • Valkyrie Profile - 10/30/08, Trailer, Demo

So there is no word on a potential Kingdom Hearts III yet, Final Fantasy XIII is still not in playable format on either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, and Dragon Quest IX on DS, which is set to hit before the end of Fiscal Year 2008, will also not be available for people to go hands-on with.

What on the above list will you be most looking forward to seeing more of? Be sure to let us know by posting below… Enix reveals TGS 08 games line-up newsvine:Square Enix reveals TGS 08 games line-up furl:Square Enix reveals TGS 08 games line-up reddit:Square Enix reveals TGS 08 games line-up fark:Square Enix reveals TGS 08 games line-up Y!:Square Enix reveals TGS 08 games line-up gamegrep:Square Enix reveals TGS 08 games line-up

5 comments on 'Square Enix reveals TGS 08 games line-up'

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Comment by Mark on 2008-09-12 23:47:45 | Reply

Man, I hope they have a kingdom hearts 3 game and hopefully it comes out for the xbox 360 so I won’t have to buy a ps3 for one game.

Comment by Strahd on 2008-09-13 20:52:45 | Reply

I agree KH3 need to be at least a multiplatform. Its wierd that 3 KH games are being released but none are the true sequel I wonder what platforms they are?

Comment by Karma on 2008-09-13 10:25:15 | Reply

Well I’m currently playing Infinite Undiscovery and it’s solid enough. Only Chronotrigger interests me on that list. Is that a VC/XBLA release or is it some sort of next gen remake or sequel?

It’s basically a port of the SNES game on the DS…with a couple of touch-screen extras.

Comment by Karma on 2008-09-13 12:22:59 | Reply

My interest wanes.
Thanks for the info.

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