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Battlestations: Pacific gets release date and new trailer

Battlestations: Pacific™, Eidos Interactive’s sequel to 2007’s hugely underrated Battlestations: Midway™ has finally been given a release date. The RTS/Action hybrid was expected earlier in the year but has now been confirmed for an early May release. Accompanying this news is a new “State of War” trailer, check it out after the jump.

The trailer begins with some old war reel footage, but quickly switches to gameplay footage to show off the vastly improved graphics and much improved damage system.

This title boasts over 100 sea, air and undersea units, continuation of the story from the first game, beginning after the final mission of the previous: The battle of Midway. Now players have the chance to rewrite history. Pacific gives you the opportunity to play the campaign from the Japanese perspective, relying on real recovered invasion and battle plans from Japanese fleets that never came to fruition thanks to the American’s victory at Midway.

Also news of huge improvements to the still played multiplayer section have been released:

Battlestations: Pacific™ takes the battle online with a massively enhanced multiplayer experience, offering five new and innovative co-op and team-based modes for up to eight players. ‘Siege’ and ‘Duel’ offer an all-out action experience, allowing players to control a selection of war machines as each side battles to turn the tide of war; joining forces for ‘Competitive’, players compete side-by-side against the opposing AI forces; ‘Escort’ allows for a mix of action and strategy, with players escorting or attacking a key naval unit as it heads to its destination; and ‘Island Capture’ offers a compelling strategic experience, with players not only battling for supremacy of the seas, but capturing and controlling the island archipelago.

“With over 100 authentic air, sea and undersea units, a compelling mix of action and strategy and an extensive multiplayer game, Battlestations: Pacific™ lets players participate in the Pacific conflict like no other game before it,” said Lee Singleton, General Manager of Eidos Game Studios. “With direct control over fighters, bombers, kamikaze planes, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines and many more, including powerful prototype units, they will experience a level of immersion that truly brings the conflict to life.”

Battlestations: Pacific™ is set to release in North America on May 12th and May 15th across Europe and Australia.

Are you excited about this? Let us know!

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Hooray! First post for Chris.. Welcome to the club! :)

:) Yay!

Comment by UKJAY on 2009-03-19 21:37:02 | Reply

Yay.. \o/

Comment by mass9 on 2009-03-19 22:26:34 | Reply

nice write up.
I wasn’t a big fan of the first, but given the visual improvments alone, I’ll be checking this one out.

Comment by Jamzy No 2 on 2009-03-19 22:27:01 | Reply

i hate these type of games, i can never get my head around them and never really enjoy them. =(

nice one on the 1st artcile chris

There we go, fixed my comment name. Horay!

Comment by AugustusBot on 2009-03-20 00:52:04 | Reply

long live xboxic!

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2009-03-20 02:01:02 | Reply

Look, tell me how to do this and I’ll write and submit the articles myself, I can churn out 1-3 a week. Make it easy for me. Do I have to make an account or what?

Submitting news will actually make a difference now, so you find anything recent and interesting, you know how to submit it ;)

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2009-03-20 05:07:14 | Reply

Yeah well I want to write my own articles, hows can I do that?

I would say join the forums and speak to one of the bosses, Curry, Rival.

Comment by mass9 on 2009-03-20 14:48:56 | Reply

Ivan Joidherpus?
he’ll get thigns done!

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