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Left 4 Dead DLC dated

Still playing Left 4 Dead? Or have you, like many of us, been waiting for the ever delayed DLC to swarm the marketplace? Well, that day has finally… Been announced. More after the jump.

Today zombie fans can stop holding their breath as Microsoft officially confirmed that the ‘Survival pack’ will be infecting consoles on the 21st of April.

As we all know, Valve fought pretty hard to make sure this content pack would be free for the 360. Great news in times of such economical crisis. This new pack brings us a new game mode, Survival, which hints at simply staying alive as long as possible over progression from safe house to safe house in Versus mode. Also included will be the ability to play the campaigns ‘Death Toll’ and ‘Dead Air’ in Versus multiplayer.

No date mentioned for PC users as of yet, though expect it soon as Valve have stated they would like a simultaneous release of DLC.

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