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News Flash: Xtival 09 Free for All

Xtival 09

Yes its back for another year! For those who are not familiar with Xtival, it is a European celebration of all things Xbox Live and with it comes a free weekend of Xbox Live Gaming where Silver is turned into Gold - so no one has any excuses not to join in the fun!

Between the weekend of 1st - 4th May there will be exclusive music videos, competitions, tournaments, HD movie and various game downloads delivered straight to your Xbox360 console. All Xtival content is usually provided free of charge and kicks off with an exclusive Xtival 09 Premium theme pack on launch day.

Xtival is back - and you’re all invited !
(Well, so long as you have internet access.)

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14 comments on 'News Flash: Xtival 09 Free for All'

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Comment by Takumi on 2009-04-23 09:39:13 | Reply

I have a PS3 now so the only game id ever play on live cod4, i can play for free on ps3 online and i have it on both 360 and ps3 so i dont really need live anymore other than for chat.

Comment by dogeggs on 2009-04-23 10:34:27 | Reply

So your a one trick pony then? Also if you only ever play one game why would you buy a ps3 and play that if you already have a 360? The price tag of that would have payed for live how many times over!
Another thing that ducks me off is when people play team based games with no headset. If your ps3 croneys played a bunch of 360 players with headsets you would get raped simply because you can’t comunicate!

Comment by Takumi on 2009-04-23 11:34:48 | Reply

Im not a one trick pony ive been playing games my whole life i got a playstation 3 purely for an underated gem called Disgaea 3, but i may as well enjoy the free online that comes with it i like it this way, plus id rather not use a headset since no one cooperates through them the only thing people say is “aww m8 i just got killed” so i dont want a headset.

Comment by dogeggs on 2009-04-23 12:48:35 | Reply

Must just be my team mates that talk. Reveling enemy locations, equipment, weapons, tactics and generaly having good team comunacation will always win the match! Even if you play better people than you seperately. if they arnt talking to each other you will win more often than not.

Comment by Takumi on 2009-04-23 16:09:09 | Reply

I know that when it comes to the PS3 apart from a few games it is just a door stop, but IL still use it for cod, plus i don’t talk on live anyway so its better for me, at least there’s no unfair advantage on me.

For me - I just dread how many under 15’s come online and just ruin everyones gaming experience! I think most kids to be honest just play and keep quiet - but there always seems to be that one or two who just can’t shut up

Comment by Veritas on 2009-04-23 15:46:12 | Reply

I haven’t had many problems with little kids or any of that on Live in a while.

What’s really annoying is the freaking modded controllers people on COD use.

Im tempted to actually buy one - only way I can survive

Comment by Veritas on 2009-04-23 18:43:10 | Reply

Don’t do it! Don’t go to the dark side!

Comment by TK Chillin on 2009-04-24 02:55:10 | Reply

That’s what the mute button is for. It’s funny to run into someone that I muted like two years ago on a totally different game. One of them is on my FL now!!! Just needed to grow up a bit.

yeah lol that has happened to me in the past. Someone I could have only muted on UNO when I used to play it alot was in my lobby on Halo3 few weeks back in Team Mythic - I saw the little mute icon and unmuted him, although didnt speak to him either…but it would be nice if MS was more interactive on and showing us gamers we’ve muted and like how many friends in common like facebook has if someone else has same friends on their list that I do

wow - my tiredness is showing did ^ that make any sense..well its 5am - time for bed!!

Comment by Takumi on 2009-04-24 13:57:44 | Reply

5AM time for bed? light weight lol

LOL and no women were involved…more like a damn shame :(

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