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Halo3 Films Render to Video BETA

If you are a Bungie Pro Subscriber, from today you currently have access to the render-to-video Beta service where movies in your file share can be watched online at and downloaded to your PC so that you can watch it later or maybe upload it to youtube for instance. If sharing your videos with friends online sounds good, read more after the jump.

Share your Halo3 movies with friends online using your PC

Currently the only way for anyone to watch your saved Halo3 film clips is by recommending them for download through your Xbox360 console which for some is just too tiresome, but Bungie have created a service which renders the gameplay data into actual video which can then be viewed online or downloaded to PC. The service is in Beta mode, but full use will be available from Bungie day (7th day of the 7th month) and is only available to Bungie Pro Subscribers. It works by the use of redeeming points for minutes, you get free points added to your active subscription each month but if you want to render many videos or require more minutes then you will need to purchase additional ‘Points Packs’ to do so.

The beta will run until July so if you fancy converting your Halo3 videos now with your free 2 points, you may do so from today. Xboxic can also confirm that they upload to Youtube perfectly!

If you are impressed or distressed by such a service, let us know below.

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Comment by Jamzy No 2 on 2009-05-12 22:30:04 | Reply

That’s cool but I don’t play Halo enough to subscribe.

With the fact that you need to buy points packs as well as be Bungie Pro - for people who like sharing videos a capture card would probably be the cheaper option maybe?

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