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Is Microsoft developing a Ybox or Yune?

Information has come to light through TeamXbox, that Microsoft are working on a digital entertainment handheld which currently is only known as project ‘Y’. Why ‘Y’ you may ask? Well the new device will sit somewhere inbetween the Xbox and Zune devices, offering both gaming and media playback, as well as internet related services and downloads in a portable format. Y is the letter between X & Z. Although Ybox or Yune are both unlikely names for the new device, it is rumoured the device name will indeed start with the letter Y - more information after the jump.

Fake Mock Up Image

The image above is a fake mockup found only to represent this news story, but the new rumoured device is meant to be a portable gaming device and media player which includes Xbox Live Marketplace that enables you to download movies and arcade games for play on either the hand-held device or your console. The New Xbox Experience will also be even easier to use on the handheld over the console as it will have cover-flow like navigation options.

Sources that have leaked the information have stated:

“When this handheld arrives, people will say it is Microsoft’s response to the iPhone, the Nintendo DS, the PSP, and so on, but it will be pretty evident that this device, its software, and services have been in the works for a very long time,”

“Although the Microsoft handheld is definitely a converged device, this is not a Zune Phone.” The source added: “Microsoft won’t compete with its Windows Mobile customers.”

Microsoft have not made any official announcements, but Major Nelson has posted via his twitter page (although it could be about anything):

Working on a project that is probably the coolest opportunity I’ve had in a long time. I’ll share details when confirmed.
10:25 AM May 12th from TweetDeck

How excited would you be over the prospect of playing arcade games over Live on your handheld with friends on their 360’s, or watching that movie you downloaded from the marketplace using your console on your handheld device? As well as browsing the internet and checking emails all at the same time it could soon be a reality.

If any further information is released regarding this, be sure to know Xboxic will keep you posted.

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19 comments on 'Is Microsoft developing a Ybox or Yune?'

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Comment by Symbiot on 2009-05-15 18:46:39 | Reply

This will (I hope) be awesome.

likewise - as without a doubt I would have this on launch day

Comment by FF on 2009-05-15 20:45:10 | Reply

Oh look…the new MS Yawn…lol

lol @ff thats exactly what I thought first. or the MS Yule… for some reason! don’t get me wrong I’m a big MS fan but I just can’t think of a ‘cool’ name begining with Y. the YXZ is kinda a cool?

2nd - definiately have one on launch day. The thoughts of racking up gamerscore whilst at work! oh man! yes please!

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2009-05-15 22:49:00 | Reply

You know the PSfanboys will have a field day with Y-box, as in “Y buy it? Y bother?” and the fact that I beat them to the punch prior to any official announcement makes this derision a tired, stale, pointless one.

As far as the movie streaming and such, I better be able to watch the movie multiple times and not have to pay each time after the initial fee because maybe I’ll want to watch it mobile or at home several times.

And you can bet handheld games will probably have a gamerscore cap of 500 points. I’ll put down 100 bucks for it.

Comment by Fanappy on 2009-05-15 23:55:14 | Reply

I am very very tempted by this!

Comment by TK Chillin on 2009-05-16 00:40:17 | Reply

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord. I feel so dirty playing my psp at work knowing I’m cheating on my Xbox. Please, Please let this be true!!!

Now you can have maybe a Ysp…

Comment by TK Chillin on 2009-05-16 02:15:01 | Reply

LOL!!! Man I’m looking through the Y’s in a dictionary and I see NOTHING!!! Maybe if we will be able to text or chat they could call it the Yak Box….man this is bugging me now!!!

I think it will end up being called ‘YON’

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2009-05-16 03:06:06 | Reply

Y-C.O.D. ; Y-Carry On Device

Comment by newguy on 2009-05-16 12:32:00 | Reply

If you looked at the article from Engadget or Teamxbox, you would see that the “portable console” is not necessarily going to start with Y, xYz was just used to give the consumer an idea of where this will fall in the marketplace, right between Xbox and Zune, therefore Y, but i doubt it will actually start with a Y seeing as everyone hear has posted that there is nothing interesting to use for a name that begins with Y.

Comment by FF on 2009-05-16 23:31:19 | Reply

YEP = Your Entertainment Pal

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2009-05-17 12:06:18 | Reply

Yep, I just got a YEP.

… No.

Comment by DarkestHour00 on 2009-05-20 19:06:21 | Reply
Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2009-05-21 04:37:02 | Reply

I’d get this. I’d have my zune for music, and zuneX for playing games.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2009-05-20 19:13:19 | Reply


Y-erless (

Comment by The_Glovner on 2009-05-20 19:14:25 | Reply

Thats strange, the rest of my post dissapeared.

Wireless optional extra was my submission anyway.

…lol well it wasn’t edited! I’ve had some strange goings on too. I make a post, then I submit comment and just get a white screen? Its not everytime, but been a few times this week. I have to press back button and write it again if its not already there.

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