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Bioshock 2: Big Daddy Unveiled & No Co-op!

Earlier this month we informed you of some of the multiplayer details confirmed for Bioshock 2 where players will be taken back in time before the fall of rapture, now thanks to the cover of ‘Game Pro’ we can also reveal Big Daddy, the main playable character in the upcoming sequel. More information regarding this game by the developers makes for some interesting reading below and sorry to say that there will be no online co-operative play!

Big Daddy for Bioshock 2

The Executive Producer Alyssa Finley, working on the project recently provided an interview with DigitalSpy regarding some aspects of the games development and what is store for us eagerly awaiting gamers.

For the second game, Finley explains that 2K Marin has moved the story on by ten years and placed the player “into the shoes of the very first, prototype Big Daddy”. At an early stage in the story, Dr Bridgette Tenenbaum from the first game “frees him from the mental conditioning of a typical Big Daddy” and this allows the player to “explore the world of Rapture from an entirely new point of view”. Indeed, the quest to find out why the player became the first Big Daddy and then rocked up in Rapture ten years later will be “one of the major mysteries to explore in BioShock 2″.

One problem with opting for a Big Daddy as the playable character is that the cumbersome diving suit and heavy weaponry does not exactly imbue the lithe flexibility required for most FPS games. However, as the very first model, this Big Daddy is “more agile and faster” than others and can also crucially master the traditional weapons of the rivet gun and heavy drill, as well as the plasmid powers to launch fire, ice and other forces from his fingertips. However, there was another primary reason for selecting the character type.

“The choice of the Big Daddy as the main character was one of the key perspective changes we wanted to bring to BioShock 2,” explains Finley. “Whereas the first game was the story of an outsider coming to Rapture and discovering it, we were very interested in BioShock 2 telling an insider story and exploring that side of the Rapture world. The first prototype Big Daddy seemed like a piece of Rapture history that would be very interesting for the player to learn about - and a character that would be extremely compelling to play.”

Another key advantage of placing players into the role of a Big Daddy is in allowing them to finally step out onto the ocean floor in the safety of a diving suit. Not only will this enable players to view the magnificence of Rapture from the outside (and, apparently, accrue extra ADAM from sea slugs), but also get some vital respite from the endless floods of ghoulish Splicers inside. Finley explains that a passing decade has not dampened the Splicers’ thirst for the genetic possibilities of ADAM. Indeed, the few souls “who didn’t originally splice have succumbed to the lure of ADAM” and there will be “both evolved and new foes in BioShock 2″.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you excited for the build up to the games release, then why not check out a new developers video called ‘Hunting the Big Sister’ a brief gameplay walkthrough of BioShock 2 by the creative director Jordan Thomas.

It has been confirmed however that Bioshock 2 will not feature any co-operative multiplayer modes as to keep primary focus on the games single player campaign. It is a shame about the lack of co-op, but the campaign looks set to be one of the greatest games ever to hit the Xbox360! Having read some of the interview and watched the developers video, how excited are you about the release of this game or would you simply rather play something else?

Release Date Confirmed as October 31st in Europe and November 4th for North America

Thanks to Jamzy No 2 for this news submission.

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