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Xboxic @ E3

As we all know, E3 officially begins tomorrow. Even sooner however is Microsoft’s press conference which is due to start at 6:25 GMT today. A lot is set to go down over the next few days, and Microsoft are offering so many different ways for us to see and hear it all, with, XBLM, Major Nelson, Telegrams, Twitter, messenger Pigeons. seems like it may be a struggle to keep up.

Well we care about our community, and while we wont actually have anyone at the expo this year, we have people keeping an eye on everything e3. So never fear, as this week may seem overwhelming news wise, but we aim to have regular updates all day every day over E3 as the news becomes available, hot and steamy from the E3 oven. So there is no need to try and infiltrate the ranks of some messenger Pigeons, we got you covered. Stick with us. @ E3 newsvine:Xboxic @ E3 furl:Xboxic @ E3 reddit:Xboxic @ E3 fark:Xboxic @ E3 Y!:Xboxic @ E3 gamegrep:Xboxic @ E3
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Comment by Paul on 2009-06-01 17:18:51 | Reply


Comment by Veritas on 2009-06-01 19:40:29 | Reply

I volunteer to go next year.

I’ll pay for myself, just gimme the press badge. :D

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