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UK Parliament establishes a Gaming Group

Politicians in Westminster London, have now established a party group dedicated to the development of the games industry. The All Party Parliamentary Group for the Computer and Video Games Industry was set up to work with a game development trade association named ‘Tiga‘, who will provide its secretariat.

MPs involved in its forming the group include Lord Putnam of Queensgate, John Whittingdale, Phillip Davies - all acting as vice chairmen and Nick Palmer, who will take on the role of treasurer.

Group Statements:

“All Party Groups can be a highly effective vehicle to raise and discuss issues amongst interested Parliamentarians,” said chairman Bill Olner.

“I congratulate Tiga for showing leadership in instigating the creation of Westminster’s first All Party Parliamentary Group for the Computer and Video Games Industry, and for providing its secretariat.

“The entire All Party Parliamentary Group is looking forward to working with Tiga in discussing issues crucial to the video games industry.”

Representatives of the group will be actively speaking at the House of Commons regarding a new ‘Play Together’ initiative, aimed at consolidating the games industry’s success.

There are 5 initatives of ‘Play Together’

  • Industry sharing – allows developers to share people to maximise efficiency and help avoid redundancies
  • Industry services – a simple search facility allowing developers and suppliers to advertise their services to potential industry clients. This section will also include top portfolios – showcasing new companies and talent in the games industry
  • Creative Industries Switch – enabling the best creative minds from all creative industries (games, film, TV, music, animation etc) to collaborate, share knowledge and exchange ideas
  • Education – a simple search facility providing students and professionals with information on university courses and potential industry collaborations
  • Jobs board – offering UK developers a free-of-charge facility to advertise development positions

The Play Together initiatives are aimed at helping to foster collaboration and communication within the games industry, and also between the games industry and other creative industries (film, TV, animation etc), as well as third parties (universities).

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4 comments on 'UK Parliament establishes a Gaming Group'

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Comment by FoolInjection on 2009-06-16 19:42:14 | Reply

This… can only end badly.

Mark my words… NO GOOD shall come from this arrangement. Look for all future Grand Theft Auto games to be banned Aussie Rules style.

I know, half the gaming group probably aren’t aware the Xbox360 has already been released!

Comment by stumpa on 2009-06-17 08:37:08 | Reply

unfortunately everything the uk parliament meddles with ends up completely ruined if it aint broke don’t fix it There time would be better spent getting the country out of the masssive financial hole it is in, eliminating knife crime, sorting out the immigration mess getting there own house in order etc etc.Most of them would’nt know a video game if it bit them on the ass

Comment by james beattie on 2009-06-17 14:25:22 | Reply

ohhh no. lets get ready for happy games yay! or even games getting banned.

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