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Lost Planet 2 Co-op Footage

Who’s ready to be a space pirate? Lost Planet 2 was revealed some time ago to much avail from fans of the first, and now we have been given some footage of the highly promising-looking cooperative multiplayer. Read about some of the new features below.

Among the new features that will be included are frighteningly huge bosses, more Akrid than ever before, new weather and settings, the ability to share health with your harmonizer to heal other players, and the harmonizer now needing manual input from the player in order to go into effect and heal them. Oh, and of course, four-player multiplayer.

Players will be able to roam and plunder the terrain of E.D.N. III this winter.

Is anyone else excited for some more ever-so-rare four-player co-op? Planet 2 Co-op Footage newsvine:Lost Planet 2 Co-op Footage furl:Lost Planet 2 Co-op Footage reddit:Lost Planet 2 Co-op Footage fark:Lost Planet 2 Co-op Footage Y!:Lost Planet 2 Co-op Footage gamegrep:Lost Planet 2 Co-op Footage

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Comment by newguy on 2009-06-18 16:02:42 | Reply

wow, played the demo of the first game and was impressed, but never ended up buying

The sequel looks gorgeous, maybe i’ll pick this one up

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