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Madballs Coming to XBLA

For those of you not old enough, or sober enough, to remember the 80s, Mad Balls were baseball-sized, monster-themed squishy balls made to throw at your friends (or something). Those squishy balls are now being revived in an Xbox Live Arcade game! For whose benefit this is happening remains unknown.

Yes, Madballs are coming back to life in the game “Madballs in Babo Invasion”. The perplexingly-titled game will feature such favorite throwing objects as Hornhead and Oculus Orbus, tossed into an arena to fight each other with whatever sorts of attacks horrific-looking bouncy balls can manifest. The game will feature 16-player multiplayer and, most interestingly, the ability to import your avatars for some arena shoot-em-up fun, as well as user-created maps.

Two concept-to-game screenshots can be seen below:

So, are you guys ready to engage in some violent nostalgia?

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I think I had some of them to be honest, they look familiar

Comment by mass9 on 2009-06-19 20:09:38 | Reply

I had a few of those ugly bastards back then but truthfully, I forgot all about them.

I’ll give the demo a go just for old time’s sake.

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