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Major Nelson talks ‘Project Natal’ on G4TV

Major Nelson, Director of Programming for Xbox Live has recently given G4TV: Attack of the Show an interview about everything Project Natal, to set the rumors straight about a new console and what’s coming up from Microsoft after E3.

After spending just over 5 minutes of your life watching that - why not discuss your opinions below?

Source: G4TV Nelson talks 'Project Natal' on G4TV newsvine:Major Nelson talks 'Project Natal' on G4TV furl:Major Nelson talks 'Project Natal' on G4TV reddit:Major Nelson talks 'Project Natal' on G4TV fark:Major Nelson talks 'Project Natal' on G4TV Y!:Major Nelson talks 'Project Natal' on G4TV gamegrep:Major Nelson talks 'Project Natal' on G4TV

4 comments on 'Major Nelson talks ‘Project Natal’ on G4TV'

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Comment by Kid2007 on 2009-06-24 20:35:46 | Reply

Great show, I wish we had the US version of Xbox Inside in Europe…

Comment by ManoDestra on 2009-06-25 14:56:56 | Reply

It’s a pity that the PS3 isn’t the console for hard core gamers when it has such a hardcore gamer peripheral.

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