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1 vs 100 an announcement is coming soon.

Tonight on a Live game of primetime ‘1 vs 100′, the host ‘Chris Cashman’ has accidentally leaked something important before a brief pause, then covering his tracks. Myself - an Xboxic Newsposter was playing Live during his slipped announcement.

1 vs 100 Announcement Soon

It was during one of the 1.00 Gameplay Schedules, the selected ‘one’ who played against the 100 mob made a decision to choose Money over the Mob at an end of round. In doing so he grabbed a prize of 1200 MS Points! - Well indeed he would have if the host had not have reminded us Live On Air that we are in Beta mode so prizes can not be won until next week! Having realised what he just said, the host mumbled his words and continued to speak at a faster pace - then announced again for us to watch out next week when a huge announcement is coming for 1 vs 100, before continuing to babble on about his lack of an original gamertag to move away from the subject!

The only speculation that can be made is that 1 vs 100 will finally be dated for all of the selected regions in coming out of Beta mode. Guess we’ll have to wait and see! vs 100 an announcement is coming soon. newsvine:1 vs 100 an announcement is coming soon. furl:1 vs 100 an announcement is coming soon. reddit:1 vs 100 an announcement is coming soon. fark:1 vs 100 an announcement is coming soon. Y!:1 vs 100 an announcement is coming soon. gamegrep:1 vs 100 an announcement is coming soon.

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Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2009-06-28 02:25:32 | Reply

Cannot Wait for this. I remember playing in the beta a while ago, even if I wasn’t part of the audience or the hot seat, I kept getting all excited for the suspence. It was just a general good time for those in my party. Complete strangers but for one night, we were men on a mission.

Im glad I worked out how to get my English ass in there because it allowed me to understand the process…

Basically it’s 1 vs 40,000 - they pick 1 out of everyone on live at the start of the game. The remaining 39,999 players are only logged as stats, where they will only see 3 other players avatars and names on screen.

The 1 player answers questions, and end of round gets to keep his earnings/prizes or risk for more in beating the mob. When he loses or ‘if’ should I say - the prize is then shared around the top few gamers of the round - yes thats top 3 out of the 39,999 or so…

I like the Live interactions real time, heard JD 2020 from Call of Duty Team too tonight on the phone…

Yeah it’s going to be a good experience, but I would say its so going to be a subscription service when it rolls out. I think it’ll be the value of 800 MS Points a month to play that… only my own guessing…we’ll see!

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2009-06-28 03:12:07 | Reply

So I’ll pay to not even have that much of a chance to play for prizes? I mean odds are 1 to 40,000 for the hot seat, and 1 in 400 for the audience, and even then. Count me out if I have to pay a subscription just to play the game.

I can’t comment on the 40,000 thing, but it’s actually 1 vs 100 with the rest of the players playing in the crowd. THOSE top three players get prizes, and nobody else in the crowd does; when the one loses, only the members of the 100 get the prize at the end (Xbox Live Arcade Game), and the prize is scaled depending on how many of the 100 are left. Usually it goes from 160-800 points.

For every ten the one knocks out, his prize is scaled, too, I believe all the way to 10,000 ms points.

Comment by Brad on 2009-06-28 06:34:58 | Reply

Jason Andrews

The first time that I played I thought that too, but that isn’t how it works. There are actually 3 player roles you can be put into. They are- The One, The Mob, and The Crowd. It will show which role you are in at the start of every round(behind your avatar if your in The Mob or The Crowd). There 1 as The One, 100 as The Mob, and everyone else is in The Crowd. If you get into The Mob, then miss a question it will move you to The Crowd. Hope this helps, give it another shot you might get lucky.

Out of 40K players - please tell me no one thinks that for every 100 people picked as the Mob, that there is a person picked as the One?

The live host, there isn’t one for each 100 people… he always refers the ‘1′ gamertag live and couldn’t possibly do that for 3000 people picked as the 1 from 40,000…

Comment by Bad on 2009-06-28 14:47:25 | Reply

Out of 40,000 people(or whatever number of people connect to the game), there are 100 in the Mob and 1 person as the One, and everyone else is in the Crowd. It isn’t broken up into smaller games. There is one game, and everyone connected either gets put in the Crowd, the Mob, or picked as the One.

OK…it’s still a lot of fun and I can’t wait for it to reach the UK…I know our presenter will be James McCourt who I despise and his brother Dick, from Dick & Dom..

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2009-06-30 18:31:14 | Reply

I guess the ability to compose stories in the english language is not a prerequisite for submitting material to xboxic.

Comment by tony on 2009-06-30 21:01:55 | Reply

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