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XBLA: Double Dragon and SpeedBall 2 Removed

Empire Interactive who held the publishing rights for both ‘Double Dragon’ and ‘Speedball 2′ on the Xbox Live Arcade has now officially gone into administration which a business process before bankruptcy. Both games have been removed from the marketplace and it is unlikely that they will return. A further upcoming third title ‘Pipe Mania’ has also been cancelled.

Both games were released in 2007 with ‘Double Dragon’ selling well at 400 MS Points and whilst Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe for 800 MS Points was not selling so good - they are no longer available for purchase. Empire Interactive also had Pipe Mania in development for Xbox Live Arcade but as Empire and the development studio are now going bust, it can now be considered scrapped.

All of Empires Intellectual Property rights were purchased by Zoo Games, or Zushi Games as they are also known and it is believed the rights will be sold on and returned to the original games developers of both titles.

Will anyone see this as a loss to the Xbox Live Arcade?

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9 comments on 'XBLA: Double Dragon and SpeedBall 2 Removed'

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Comment by Worms on 2009-06-30 17:15:16 | Reply

You’ll see it as a loss if you bought them and ever need to download them again.

I see this as a loss to Arcade, not for the games themselves but for the concept. It’s another blow to this theory that you can always just delete and re-download anything you’ve paid for at any time; because now there are three paid games for which that’s no longer true: these two, and Lost Cities. (I don’t count Yaris because it fails to live up to the words “paid” and “game”.)

That’s very true - the new company who owns the IP should just be forwarded the income or make a claim for any potential income from these titles - to remove them is wrong!

If this game was on a disc, they wouldn’t ask all shops to return them or to stop selling.

Comment by tony on 2009-06-30 18:13:54 | Reply

Not Double Dragon!!!

Comment by Bub on 2009-06-30 23:59:03 | Reply

microsoft says you can re download them from your download history even when they are removed from the marketplace. So you should always be able to get them back. Apparantly there just removed from sale.

Comment by F1Maverick on 2009-07-01 01:31:50 | Reply

Why cant they just release the games for free. end of.

Comment by stumpa on 2009-07-01 18:26:39 | Reply

double dragon classic one of the few arcade titles worth buying

Comment by Edel on 2010-06-27 15:26:20 | Reply

Well, welcome to the ‘cloud’!! I wonder when the next consoles come out, what will happen to all our purchased Live Arcade games? Or will they simply die with the Xbox 360.

Comment by Alex on 2010-10-12 17:08:00 | Reply

i want to get speedball 2 for the xbox is there any way at all that this is possible?

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