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Indie Review: Skwug

If you’re an MLG pro gamer, a diehard player with nerves of steel then ‘Skwug’ could just help you test those nerves. Skwug is a new Xbox Live Arcade Indie Game title that comes with a 200 MS price tag. The object of the game is to help Skwug, a bug-eyed blue blob teleport through a hazardous maze of traps filled with laser beams and spiked floors.

‘Skwug’ was developed by Jeremy Verchick and released on July 28th, boasting 50 levels of increasing difficulty where Skwug is guided around the maze using teleportation. Basically to play you move in one direction, press B to use the teleport control and on a single jump he is able to teleport three times. There is a dial on the top middle of the screen that tells you how many teleports you have left in a jump which is only replenished as soon as you touch the ground. Because the teleportations are limited, you do need to think about your next move carefully.

This game was developed using XNA studios so graphics should not necessarily be a big factor in a game developed by one person, however the sounds and effects do compliment the game nicely with each teleport, including every time you pick up a teleport orb (these basically replenish your teleport dial mid-jump). Kevin DeYoe helped create the sound and music within the game which helps with the building frustration, since the soothing sounds ensure you concentrate on the mission at hand.

When I say “nerves of steel”, this game requires patience to that of Zen-like quality. Gravity, itchy fingers, and lacking patience are your enemies in this game as you try to navigate Skwug through the levels. Upon completion there is some satisfaction to beating the level that motivates one to keep going. There are five lands to beat, all have 10 levels each with their own contraptions to stump Skwug. Verchick, however was kind enough to allow those playing the game to scan over the whole level before moving Skwug so they can strategize on how best to navigate around, or possibly (depending upon how you look at it) this could even intimidate you as well.

There is a difficulty setting for those faint of heart who are intimidated by my review so far, as this review is based on a Hard difficulty setting. But fear not, there is an easy difficulty too which comes with a save point halfway through a level. It needs to be mentioned that the levels are generally not all that big, it’s just what’s in them that takes up the time to beat. This game comes with a guarantee that you’ll die plenty and win only a few 50 times.

On the whole, while I am yet to fully complete this game, I will definitely try as for the pains that came the satisfaction was even greater. The 200 MS price tag for Skwug is worth it since this is a game that tests your hand-eye coordination navigating a blue blob through levels filled with fire, lasers, and untold others.

Don’t just take my word for it, since Skug is at least free to try, why not download the trial to your console by clicking here.

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I just downloaded the trial since this looks a lot better than I originally thought.

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