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Indie Review: Jungle Blocks

Jungle Blocks is the first XNA game created by Danny Tuppeny to make it to the Indie Games Marketplace. It’s a score based game for 200 MS Points, where you must destroy coloured Jungle Blocks with a ball for points whilst trying to maintain the ball in the air. The more blocks you destroy in a row without the ball hitting the paddle on the ground, the higher your score multiplier!

Immediately upon loading the game you just get a sense of reminiscence as you are reminded of the old Atari Classic ‘Breakout’ (assuming you are old enough to remember?) but it’s uncanny that when you listen to the game music you are somehow reminded of Sonic the Hedgehog since it’s what you would expect from a good platformer.

The game has both Single Player and Two Player Co-Op modes available which introduces an extra paddle onto the screen. It is very colourful and looks great in HD - so good in fact that you wish it was a Jungle Platformer instead, but the game is limited to only the one background image which doesn’t seem to give you that sense of moving forward even though each level has a different Jungle Block layout.

<a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:f9c6a4f2-5a25-4209-80bc-8e876608f1ec&#038;showPlaylist=true&#038;from=msnvideo" target="_new" title="Jungle Blocks Trailer">Video: Jungle Blocks Trailer</a>

Upon starting it looks as though the ball only moves up and down, I was questioning myself as to how can it possibly hit all the blocks if it just goes up and down. After my stupid moment I moved the paddle left and right more, before long it was hard to keep up as the ball was bouncing off the walls left right and center!

The best method of play for this game is Two Player Co Op, but it wouldn’t have lasting appeal for adults unless they wanted to give it a go after a good night out - in fact that method is a good laugh! Ideally this game is more suited to gamers with young children who want to introduce them to joys of gaming without exposing them to too much adult content found in most retail games today.

It can only be described as a very modern ‘Breakout’ with very funky 16-bit retro themed game music that’s great for kids. As with all Indie Games, they are free to try and very quick downloads. Download Jungle Blocks straight to your console for a trial by clicking here.

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