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Modern Warfare 2 Beta details at GamesCom [Update]

The Leipzig Games Convention is moving onwards and upwards with a new name this year: GamesCom. The last time Infinity Ward attended the event was way back in 2007 shortly before the release of ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’. Xboxic was at the event first hand to play the game before release and witness the press conference which included a Beta announcement. It seems likely through leaked information handed to Xboxic yesterday that Infinity Ward are planning a Déjà Vu moment and will announce details of the upcoming ‘Modern Warfare 2 Beta’ at this years GamesCom event in Germany.

The GamesCom event will take place next week on August 17th - August 19th. Information has been handed to Xboxic which leads us to believe that Robert Bowling (aka FourZeroTwo) the community spokesman for Infinity Ward will announce details via a press release of a Beta signup through, with those who have pre-ordered ‘Prestige Edition’ of the game having immediate access. It is assumed that the retailers with exclusive pre-order sales will soon start emailing web site tokens to customers when the Beta is live. The web site token will then need to be registered at with your email address to later receive your chosen Xbox360 or PS3 Beta console redeem code.

The Beta is rumoured to go live by September 10th and close towards the end of October. Until Infinity Ward release an official statement this can only remain a rumour. The Gamescom convention with Robert Bowling confirmed as in attendance will take place next week - so only time will tell if the information we received is correct.

Who here would be interested in a Modern Warfare 2 Beta?


The GamesCom event starts with the Games Developers Conference (GDC) from 17th - 19th August, with the Trade and Public GamesCom running from 19th - 23rd August. Robert Bowling has now confirmed that he will no longer be present, but has trained a small team for the ModernWarfare 2 presentation.

Whilst it is unknown what information the presentation will contain, we will keep you posted.

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13 comments on 'Modern Warfare 2 Beta details at GamesCom [Update]'

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Comment by toyota4x4 on 2009-08-11 17:00:14 | Reply

Awesome!! Im in then if the prestige edition rumor is true.

Comment by tony on 2009-08-11 17:42:42 | Reply

Well, if modded controllers work its a game I will not be buying that’s for sure!

Comment by h22 on 2009-08-11 18:18:09 | Reply

good luck playin a game where losers dont cheat….
just gotta play through them
but im definitely in if this is true. last years beta was soo satisfying!!!!

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I won’t have internet… I’ll be at school. :(

Also, good job Jay, people are quoting us for blogs now!

Comment by Arthur Stopinski on 2009-08-11 22:30:38 | Reply

(Singing) I already Reserved, I already Reserved.

For all those that scoffed at me, I get the last laugh, (if this rumor proves true).

Comment by Steve on 2009-08-12 12:45:03 | Reply

If the cheats that work on previous CoD’s work on this version then I wont be buying it, cheaters really do spoil games.

Comment by Arthur Stopinski on 2009-08-12 12:55:47 | Reply

If there’s a problem with the double tap for handguns, I’m sure the Devs could make it that the gun shoots as fast as you’re able to pull the trigger. Anything faster wouldn’t work.

Yeah I’m sure in real life you could shoot that fast (I’ve seen the videos too), but those guys had a lot of time on their hands to practise. And regarding those videos, some of them didn’t shoot as fast as those with double tap button.

As far as I’m concerned, the game is only fair if everyone understands the rules of the game and plays with the original remote designed for the game. Anything modded is cheating, ergo, IW can easily remedy this by a simple code to limit the gun’s rate of fire.

Comment by stevoslice on 2009-08-12 14:34:33 | Reply

cheaters spoil the online multiplayer yes, but still, the main single-player campaigns in infinity wards call of duty games have been amazing, and i for one will be most looking forward to this aspect

I notice I once got called names in game for the apparent use of modded controllers when all I was using is ‘Double Tap’ perk… LOL… that was so funny

This news has had a massive impact on the IW forums, explained my reasons for gambling this leak

Keep it up, you’ll get the site lots more popularity that way. :)

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