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The best Indie Game App in the world ever…

It’s not everyday that you actually find something cheap which is useful - no I’m not talking about condoms! A new application from UberGeekGames is available on the Indie Marketplace which is more useful and beneficial to any gamer thinking about spending some points on a cheap Indie thrill than what the limited choices the Xbox Dashboard has to offer. This tool is called: GameFinder, and does an outstanding job!

Lets face it - you power on the console, browse through the dashboard and if you’re thinking about spending some remainder MS Points on a quick gaming fix of something new from the Indie Marketplace your two best options are ‘Top Rated’ & ‘New Arrivals’. Although ‘Top Rated’ does give you the most popular to play at the moment and ‘New Arrivals’ make you aware of an ever growing list of new content, but there just could be something on the marketplace for you that might get overlooked.

GameFinder is going to be the only application you could ever need to browse the Indie Game marketplace with the best search options at hand. The results are presented to you in what looks like a virtual library store and you can also submit your own reviews.


Easily find the right game for you with a myriad of ways to sort and search through all the games available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games! Walk around a virtual store and see the games in an intuitive way. Rate and review them, and then share reviews over Xbox LIVE to see what the most popular games are. Found a game you like? Send a message recommending it to a friend with a press of a button. The best way to find and review games, right on your Xbox!

Search Options:

  • Genres: Action & Adventure, Card & Board, Classics, Educational, Family, Fighting, Music, Other, Platformer, Puzzle & Trivia, Racing & Flying, Role Play, Shooter, Sports, Strategy & Simulation.
  • Features: Min & Max HD Mode, Min & Max Players, Any Co-op Players, System Link availability, Co-op Options, Min & Max Live layers.
  • Popularity: Change the stars to find minimum or maximum rated games.
  • Price: Find a game by how much you want to spend using the 80, 200, 240, 400 & 800 points options.
  • Keyword: Think of a word and let the application find you a game!

UberGeekGames stated to Xboxic:

It started out as a browser based application with only the virtual store, as an experiment in reading the RSS feeds for the games coming out. This was about 4 months ago, before we had user ratings. There was a lot of talk in the XNA forums about how difficult it is to find games through the Dashboard interface, and that once your game is off of the New Arrivals and Most Popular chart, it’s very hard to get noticed. The idea for GameFinder is a souped-up version of that app, and after a lot of helpful suggestions from playtesters it evolved to be what it is now.

Whilst we are not making more apps in the immediate future. I think most of the apps have already been done, and at this point there are a lot of developers spamming small apps trying to make a quick buck. I don’t want to be one of them. I am working on several other games at the moment, and have big plans for Avatars.

This neat little application only costs $1 (80 MS Points) and has so far received nothing but great responses from the XNA Community. It is a must have for anyone who wants to not only find the best content suitable for their gaming taste, their budget, or even their children - but even browsing through the games on a virtual shelf is awesome in itself!

If you want to test this application for yourself before parting with a $1 you can queue it to your console by clicking here

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Comment by Arthur Stopinski on 2009-08-19 23:29:59 | Reply

See this is why I like supporting the garage kit devs, they can think of and improve upon what console programmers missed/overlooked/ignored.

Looking at the games on a shelf, it’s surprising what you see that you’ve never seen before on the Marketplace. This app if anything makes you aware of what you’ve missed…It’s quite good, if only MS would give the marketplace better search options like by price!!

Comment by Kid2007 on 2009-08-20 14:55:29 | Reply

Good idea, but I would never install a program that uses the Comic Sans Serif-font even if I was given money for it!

Visit for more information, please.

^ did you start that website :)

Comment by Kid2007 on 2009-08-21 21:47:42 | Reply

Jason, no I didn’t but I wish I had. Comic Sans Serif should have been outlawed the minute the author made it :).

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