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Indie Review: Totem

Totem is a puzzle game developed by Fervent Interactive for the Indie Game Marketplace. The game itself is very simple and replicates other great puzzle games that involve matching pieces together, except in this instance it is the parts of a Totem compared to the blocks of tetris or the gems of the classic Columns - maybe the title gives it away.

As soon as the game starts you are presented with the base of your totems that have fancy looking totem pieces on them, within moments further pieces drop from above. The object of the game is to start by matching up the coloured pieces through moving around the objects on the base to those you are about to see drop. Once the pieces of totem drop, those which are matched by colour are destroyed gaining you more points to rack up your score, whilst those which aren’t destroyed increase the size of your pole allowing them to be moved around pole-to-pole between drops. There is a handy trigger button that can be used to manually drop the totem pieces if you are too impatient to wait (or maybe you’re a quick thinker?)

The game does gain increasing difficulty with the introduction of more poles to manage and the increased speed of dropping totem pieces, it is best played on medium setting in my opinion since the easy mode is often too slow when you feel the pices should be dropping quicker. The benefits available to use once things start to get a little hectic are tools which consist of a hatchet for destroying any one piece of totem, the lightning bolt to destroy all of one type of totem and a dynamite for completely clearing a selected area. The further on you progress, sometimes even the tools aren’t enough to save you as this does become very challenging to the point of pulling your hair out! If you are a lover of puzzles, then this definitely is for you and could easily rival many of those available on the Xbox Live Arcade - and this is a lot cheaper too, in fact it’s now only a $1 (80 MS Points).

For $1 this game is an absolute bargain and could easily keep any adult or child entertained. It does have its flaws where different backdrops would be nicer and more auto saves, but overall it’s very graphically pleasing to the eye and addictive. There are 28 levels all in all with a ‘Survival’ mode too for those who like a race against the clock.

You can download the free trial of Totem to your Xbox360 Console by click here. Try the game for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments area below?

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