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Exposed: Midas Modders turn Silver to Gold

Millions of Xbox360 gamers around the world who want to enjoy an online gaming experience do so by paying the required subscription fee’s. How would you feel knowing that a growing number of individuals are also enjoying the online experience for free whilst you continue to pay your way. This is Xbox Live Fraud; stealing the use of pay-per-use services and at the same time ruining the experience for others. In some cases, they have even manipulated their gamertags to that of well known developers & Microsoft staff to obtain credit card details in the promise of something special in return. Xboxic have discovered the methods and individuals who play their part in this activity.

Need : A real Gold account , A Silver account , The Account Decrypter & Modio

Credit for this Free Xbox Live Gold hack Found by Lbjdaking23

1). Extract your profiles from your hdd using xplorer/xport 360
2). Make multiple copies of profiles for backup and for later use.
3). Open the profiles in modio then click on settings and extract accounts from profiles.
4). Using the decrypter, decrypt the account data.
5). Open the Account Data in your hex editor.
6). Look for where it says glprod. (look carefully)
7). [Removed by Xboxic so as not to promote Xbox Live Fraud]
8). [Removed by Xboxic so as not to promote Xbox Live Fraud]
9). Rehash and resign
10). Lastly Sign in on the silver account but it must be set at auto login on.

Using the same software and similar methods, in the Account Data once decrypted is your Xbox Live Gamertag as displayed on Xbox Live when you join online matches. By manipulating this data and entering various codes to change colours or add symbols the gamertag displayed on the screen to all those you play against can be whatever has been chosen.

Many hackers have already displayed themselves as employees of Bungie, Infinity Ward & Treyarch offering Recon Armour and Beta Acess or cheap map pack codes by simply giving them your credit card details or redeem codes for points. Treyarch have responded and placed the following notice on their website.

It has come to our attention that console hackers have found a way impersonate other Xbox LIVE Gold Gamertags.

This affects the Call of Duty community as some hackers are impersonating the “JD 2020” Gamertag, which is the Treyarch community manager’s Gamertag. They are then tricking users into sending them money, Microsoft Points, or personal information under the pretext that they are a developer and will reward you with something (i.e. flashing clan tags, Map Packs, etc).

The vulnerability is strictly a cosmetic hack / mod which affects only the display name; people’s accounts who are impersonated are actually completely safe & secure. Microsoft has been made aware of this issue and is investigating it as we speak.

In the meantime, it is important you understand myself nor any representative of our games will ever personally ask you for money, personal information, Microsoft Points, etc in exchange for anything. Any and all transactions on LIVE should take place via the official Xbox LIVE Marketplace.


Xboxic have informed both developers and Microsoft the methods involved so that preventative action may be taken to ensure safe online gameplay. We would also like to remind all readers to stay vigilant and that anyone asking for your credit card details personally is not the policy of Microsoft or Developers. Under no circumstances should you respond under the false illusion you will be rewarded.

It is a scam. Midas Modders turn Silver to Gold newsvine:Exposed: Midas Modders turn Silver to Gold furl:Exposed: Midas Modders turn Silver to Gold reddit:Exposed: Midas Modders turn Silver to Gold fark:Exposed: Midas Modders turn Silver to Gold Y!:Exposed: Midas Modders turn Silver to Gold gamegrep:Exposed: Midas Modders turn Silver to Gold

3 comments on 'Exposed: Midas Modders turn Silver to Gold'

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Comment by f1maverick on 2009-09-20 18:43:21 | Reply

good job xboxic.
I hate the sound of cocks getn free subscription. (even though i think it should be free)
anyone that responds to messages asking for details eg card numbers are just silly. common sense.

Comment by augustusbot on 2009-09-20 22:44:26 | Reply

My friends each bought $150 tickets to the OSU vs USC night game last week… both tickets turned out to be fake.

I saw the person that sold them to them. Just makes you wonder … who the hell are these souls on this rock of ours that gladly benefit and further their desires, by screwing other people over?


PSN is free. ;) lololol.

Comment by f1maverick on 2009-09-20 23:05:54 | Reply

yeah but the psn is Pishing

And yeah they are scum.
Even the people that tout real tickets for a living are scum.They spoil it far fans of that certain event.

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