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1 vs 100 Season 2

Yes - it’s back and this time a little different. Microsoft have revealed that the new series of 1 vs 100 will have a prizing ladder, unlockables and even achievements!

Xbox LIVE is proud to present a new feature on the “1 vs 100” Season 2 set – the prizing ladder! If you are not sure if you should choose the money or “the Mob”? The prizing ladder will light up throughout the game just like on a TV Show, if you’re chosen as “the One” in “1 vs 100” Season 2, you have the chance to win up to 10,000 Microsoft Points by knocking out all 100 members of “the Mob.” This time around, Members of “the Mob” and “the Crowd” can also win popular Xbox LIVE Arcade games and Microsoft Points.

Not only that but there are a few other tweaks which include new avatar poses, gaming achievements, unlockable dances, but the best news of all is the new way in which “the One” will be chosen as detailed below. The chosen player will also have their status auto set to Busy since in Season 1 chosen players were disturbed with constant friends requests and other random messages.

Taken from 1vs100 Blog

Well, in season 2 it’s all about score. Each round of our Live shows, we select the One or the Mob based on 3 alternating criteria:

  • Season score – Your total score for the entire season.
  • Weekly score – Your total score for that week.
  • Previous round score – The score you accumulated in the previous round of the live show.

Before every round, we pick the player with the highest score — based on that round’s criterion — as the One. Then, we pick the next 100 eligible players as the Mob. The next round, we select based on one of the other score criteria. Earning score during Extended Play will boost your chances of getting selected, but even those who first show up for the Live game still have a shot.

Premiering on November 19 exclusively on your Xbox 360, “1 vs 100” Season 2 on Xbox LIVE combines the best of television show experiences and interactive video games, featuring regularly scheduled programming, all-new fresh trivia, and real prizes.

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3 comments on '1 vs 100 Season 2'

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Comment by Kid2007 on 2009-11-14 08:41:22 | Reply

One thing hasn’t changed, though - Microsoft still shuts the European Union at large out of the game. Keep passing people, nothing here to see… :/

Comment by wardieboy on 2009-11-14 11:45:00 | Reply

Kid2007 chose the mob :(

I fecking love playing this game with all the thicky chavs on live.

Comment by Steve Perry on 2009-11-15 13:40:49 | Reply

The thing I hated about 1 vs 100 was that I was always working for the live games. That’s not their fault though.

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