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Trials HD DLC

Microsoft and RedLynk have revealed the details regarding the newly
announced DLC for Trials HD - the really addictive XBLA title.
It looks GOOD!!!

The DLC has been given the title BIG Pack and it holds up to its name. The pack includes 23 new courses, 12 new challenges, 50 new objects for the track editor and additional tournaments.

The BIG Pack will also come with 50 extra Achievement points for all you dirty Achievement whores out there. Don’t expect them to be easy though.

The additional track editor options should make the editor so much better. Rocket turbines, motors and rotating platforms are a few examples of how the BIG Pack should revitalise the user generated tracks.

The BIG Pack will be released on 23rd December and will cost 400 Microsoft Points.

At this price I will definetly be purchasing this pack to play during the Winter holidays.
Anybody on the same boat? HD DLC newsvine:Trials HD DLC furl:Trials HD DLC reddit:Trials HD DLC fark:Trials HD DLC Y!:Trials HD DLC gamegrep:Trials HD DLC

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