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Crackdown 2 Trailer

A new wicked trailer for Crackdown 2 due to be released next year has hit the Marketplace. Plenty of slow-motion jumping, flying, shooting and throwing to be seen!

If like me, you were pleasantly surprised how good a game Crackdown was you sure aren’t going to be disappointed. The game is set 10 years on from the first instalment. The player returns to fight off hordes of zombie-like freaks following their accidental release into the City. He must regain control of the City from the hands of The Cell. The cell is a powerful terrorist organisation fighting to overthrow the Agency.

Ruffian Games are working on this title. Ruffian Games are a team formed of developers who worked on games like Crackdown, Fable II and Project Gotham Racing. This can only lead to good things.

The video shows off the new abilities and the multiplayer capabilities of the game. I especially like the look of the new wing suit. The missions have also been given more of a structure this time. Crackdown was great fun to play but the missions were all the same. Hopefully this will add a bit more variety to the game.

So far there is no set release date but with the release of the trailer I’m guessing this information won’t be long in coming.

Are you looking forward to this?
Happy with the zombie element to the game or is it a step in the wrong direction?
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Comment by stumpa on 2009-12-17 16:44:28 | Reply

high hopes for this first one was a great game will be buying

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