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Unlock Xbox: The Final Two

Way back a few months ago, Dorito’s announced that their Unlock Xbox competition was to return, but this time bigger and better! From the thousands of ideas submitted to be created into an Xbox Live Arcade game the judges have nailed it down to two of the best to go head to head in an Unlock Xbox competition showdown.

First up is a racing game idea called Harms Way by Justin - OGDEN, UTAH

Harms Way is a fast paced, action packed race with both drivers and snipers pairing up. As the sniper, help your driver win by any means necessary. Destroy the opponents, block their path, pick off their sniper, or even create shortcuts and earn nitrous for your driver! As the driver, you will want to be aggressive and ram the other cars. Don’t stick too close for too long though, or your sniper won’t have many options. There are various game modes so everybody can find a mode that is right for them! The sniper campaign has you trying to help your driver through various scenarios. You will need to have fast reflexes and a steady aim to complete the later missions. In singled out, everybody is a sniper except for one target car. If the target finishes the race, they can earn upgrades like bulletproof windshields. If somebody stops the target, they get to be the target next round. Call your shot mode is only racers, but allows you to call for race changing shots. There will be four player splitscreen, online play, and plenty of explosions!

Next comes Avatar Crash Course by Jill - RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA

Avatar Crash Course is high-energy, crazy, and full of comical mishaps and fun for you and your friends. Maneuver your way through ruthless obstacles and crazy levels as your avatar as you battle to be #1! Level up to get sweet power-ups, such as shoes to run faster and a belt that improves your balance. Either play solo through the campaign fighting to achieve the best time and get the gold, or play with up to four of your friends. As you move through each obstacle, you’ll need to press buttons, wiggle sticks, and jump up and down to survive. Be careful not to fall unless you like seeing your avatar get smashed! Avatar Crash Course is great played as a party game, or through the campaign as you try to level up and beat your best times. You even win an awesome avatar track suit after beating the game! Endless fun awaits in Avatar Crash Course.

Now that two finalists remain and will fully develop their games with the help of a pro-gaming studio. These two will go head-to-head in a final clash where gamers everywhere get to play the games first-hand and vote on who wins the ultimate prize: a $50,000 game consulting gig with Doritos® Brand. Voting for the best game will take place on the UnlockXbox website where the creation of both games will be heavily documented.

Both titles will be Free to download this Fall, but from the two pitches, which one are you most looking forward too?

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Comment by wardieboy on 2010-01-26 21:44:44 | Reply

Damn my pooing pigeons idea didn’t make it then.

the only good thing about this is free games…I couldnt care who wins though!

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