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XBLA Upcoming: Crasher

Punchers Impact, a newly created development studio focused on creating original downloadable games for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC have announced the release of their brand new game called ‘Crasher’.

The new game, Crasher, falls into the category of M.O.B.A.’s (multiplayer online battle arenas) and has new features called “Stars,” which are unique vehicles engaged in team combats or “TvsT” (Team vs Team), with a strong RPG aspect. The game requires team play: each team has its tactics and each vehicle has its arsenal (heavy itemization) and skills (spell) in order to head straight for victory.

A “LEAGUE” mode where the players overtake areas and destroy bases (ladder rankings), various arcade modes, last man standing, death match, etc, are also featured. Finally there is the Garage mode, which allows players to unlock new “Stars” and new achievements in order to enhance equipment and customize his/her vehicle to the fullest.

“It is very important for us to be involved at the heart of our industry by offering gamers the games they expect,” explains Thierry Bensoussan, Managing Director of Punchers Impact. “By building a pool of creative talent within a single studio, we’re ensuring that Punchers Impact has solid financial foundations allowing it to focus on developing innovative projects. Mission accomplished: Punchers Impact already has around forty talented employees who have worked for the biggest French and English speaking studios from Free Radical to EA.”

No exact release date has been announced, but it will be available to download late 2010.

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