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XBLA: Super Meat Boy

Whilst the title alone may sound like a chicken-choking, bishop-bashing, purple-headed-warrior-wrestling, one handed fun platformer for anyone not familiar with Super Meat Boy; it is in fact a WiiWare & PC title that will now see its release on Xbox LIVE Arcade

The game is actually a remake of “Team Meat’s” Flash game called ‘Meat Boy’ and will carry the same basic gameplay. Players will take on the role of a small animated cube of meat (Meat Boy) who must save his girlfriend (Band-Aid Girl) from the evil Dr. Fetus. Players must guide Meat Boy to the end of each level using his gripping and clinging ability, whilst also avoiding buzzsaws, salt, and other various death bringing obstacles.

The game will contain at least 300 levels, unlockable content and multiplayer co-op and versus modes, as well as a four player party mode. The multiplayer modes will also feature playable characters from other independent games such as ‘Braid’, which must be unlocked by the player collecting Band-Aids in the game.

Super Meat Boy will make its console debut first on the Xbox360 later this year, followed by a release on the Wii & PC. No exact date & price has yet been announced, but further information on development can be obtained from the Developers Blog.

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Comment by Xman on 2010-02-24 14:25:24 | Reply

The wiki and a bunch of links are dead, dude. U ppl gonna fix that or wut?

OH My GOD! They Killed Kenny
Probably get fixed sometime - site may even get revamped at some point too…

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