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New Modern Warfare 2 Avatar Items

With the announcement of the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package, Xbox LIVE revealed future Modern Warfare 2 Avatar Gear set to hit the Marketplace within the next few weeks.

To celebrate the arrival of the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package, there will also be a ton of terrific download content rolling onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace. This includes nifty Xbox LIVE Avatar clothing and accessories, among them:

  • Riot Shield,
  • Night Vision Goggles,
  • Gas Mask,
  • Full Army Ranger Uniform.
  • 10th Prestige Logo T-Shirt

Pricing has not been revealed - and unfortunately no word of a Ghillie Outfit either, but more Themes and Gamerpics are also on the way.

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12 comments on 'New Modern Warfare 2 Avatar Items'

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Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2010-03-13 19:00:35 | Reply

Night Vision?

Comment by Veritas on 2010-03-13 20:32:17 | Reply

Now make them avatar rewards and I’ll actually use them!

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2010-03-13 21:14:06 | Reply


Comment by Villians on 2010-03-13 20:52:11 | Reply

lol riot shield muthafuckas……the one thing id replace my avatars dj set up

Just found out about a 10th Prestige Logo T-Shirt, added it in there… :)

Comment by TK Chillin on 2010-03-15 20:04:15 | Reply

You would think that the 10th prestige T-Shirt would be a reward. At least it should be.

Yeah it should have been… but Money seems to come first & foremost.

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2010-03-15 21:36:08 | Reply

I just got wind that the new Stimulus Package Map pack is gonna cost 15 bucks. Pfft. No thanks.

Its so overpriced! Considering with CoD4 the Map Pack was 4 Original Maps at 800 MS Points. This is merely 3 New Maps, and 2 of the worst Maps I ever played on CoD4!! It should have been ‘Vacant’ in there not ‘Crash’! - and ‘Overgrown’ pfft - thats just like ‘Wasteland’ with extra rocks…

$15? That’s high, but they will still sell millions

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2010-03-15 22:13:19 | Reply

It will happen, and for shits and giggles, Activision will sell the next map pack for 20 dollars, with four maps, 3 of them a remake. They’re just pushing the Envelope before people start calling BS.

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