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New 360 Motherboard could be Xbox360 Slim

An image of a newer, smaller Xbox 360 motherboard has been discovered by Kotaku, which further ignites the rumours of a new Xbox 360 Slim Console. Comparing both the images of the current and newer motherboards highlight a significant number of differences - once you can take your eyes off the new fan model!

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The image comparisons suggests a new hybrid internal GPU/CPU, which would certainly be a way to cut down on the physical side, but the newer fan attached to this chip seems over-branded and a little on the large side - maybe this 360 can even take to the skies!

Taking a look at the current 360 motherboard image, the heatsinks are placed above the chips while the white ducting is used to funnel the hot air to the fans and out of the back, which suggests that the placement of a fan directly above the chip simply wouldn’t work because of the cramped environment. Having a fan on top of the chip is most commonly found in PCs since there is a lot more room in the casing for cool air.

The picture of the newer board features only one memory card port, or this could be the input for just an HDD leaving the slim Xbox 360 with no memory card support at all.

Until Microsoft make an official announcement of an Xbox360 Slim, this remains a rumour, but a newer, slim-line, cheaper Xbox 360 console could tempt a whole new market of gamers who have never considered purchasing an Xbox 360.

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Source: TotalVideoGames (via Kotaku) 360 Motherboard could be Xbox360 Slim newsvine:New 360 Motherboard could be Xbox360 Slim furl:New 360 Motherboard could be Xbox360 Slim reddit:New 360 Motherboard could be Xbox360 Slim fark:New 360 Motherboard could be Xbox360 Slim Y!:New 360 Motherboard could be Xbox360 Slim gamegrep:New 360 Motherboard could be Xbox360 Slim

9 comments on 'New 360 Motherboard could be Xbox360 Slim'

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Comment by Joey Ellis on 2010-03-17 15:15:10 | Reply

Ding ding, RROD round 2.

Joey- that was just too funny. Thanks for the laugh

Honestly though I am not convinced that is even an MS product let alone a Xbox

I think this is going to be called the Xbox360 Valhalla Chipset, its quite possible though it may just go into the old casing I think, but since it’s drastically reduced and the very odd looking fan - the design and placement of other components doesn’t look like it would go into the old casing…

Time will tell I guess - but I certainly dont need to buy yet another Xbox360 unless my current one packs in altogether and its cheaper than repairing it :)

Comment by Veritas on 2010-03-17 16:36:52 | Reply

I just thought of the idea that maybe they’re slimming down the mobo for a new model of the 360 with Natal installed in it.

Comment by Tony on 2010-03-17 17:23:22 | Reply

This is confirmed fake, it’s a motherboard that is nothing to do with the Xbox 360!

Comment by chris on 2010-05-26 17:05:37 | Reply

i suspected that a little considering the fact that the fan has a non-microsoft logo

Just coming back to this news because that motherboard in this news post ‘IS’ & ‘WAS’ the Xbox 360 Slim


It is the Valhala Chipset too


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