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Swiss Government to Ban Violent Video Games

Switzerland is now following in line with Germany and Australia on unacceptable content in video games, as new laws will be introduced that will lead to the complete ban of all violent video games in the country. The Swiss authorities have now obtained the power to introduce new measures on video games which will soon be outlined in a new governing legislation.

The Christian Democratic Party had originally requested that all first person shooters rated 16+ or 18+ by PEGI, receive an outright ban on distribution and sales within the country, however the new legislation which has not yet been finalised will likely see a ban on any title that “requires cruel acts of violence against humans and humanlike creatures for in-game success”. Games such as ‘Modern Warfare 2′ and ‘Left 4 Dead 2′ would be taken off retailers shelves and any future sales would be deemed illegal.

The Swiss population do have the right to object to any new law before it is enforced, but each person would have to give a validating reason on how the new law could have a negative affect on the country. Although the law has been passed, the legislation detailing what is deemed unacceptable has not yet come into effect - until that day, gamers in Switzerland without ‘Modern Warfare 2′ may want to hit the shops fairly soon!

Thanks to Jonah Falcon for the news submission.

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12 comments on 'Swiss Government to Ban Violent Video Games'

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Comment by TK Chillin on 2010-03-24 02:17:38 | Reply


You’d think they’d work on stopping cocaine trafficking or all the illegal trading before they banned violent video games.

Comment by danny on 2010-03-24 10:16:23 | Reply

it depends what they will ban, I agree that games were you kill for no reason should be banned. But mw2 is not mindless killing there is a real reason behind the killing, and that reason is ummmmmm cos its amazingly good fun.

I suppose they could bring out a version called modern paintball 2 complete with tactical rubber nuclear strike.

Hahaha!!! :)

Comment by danny on 2010-03-24 15:32:28 | Reply

The swiss are mad on the environment and i think they are actually protecting the environment by stopping people playing xbox 360 as much as shooting games account for the most hours.

Comment by stumpa on 2010-03-24 18:40:34 | Reply

i hope thety are going to ban all violent films i.e anything wiht a pg rating or more also all unsuitable television programs i.e anything after 9pm watershed also all news watching i.e reports of terrorist attacks war in afganistan etc. Infact thwe best thing they could do is get a large country sized blackeout dome like in the simpsons movie and place it over their entire country

Comment by stumpa on 2010-03-24 18:41:27 | Reply

after all ingnorance is bliss

Comment by stumpa on 2010-03-24 22:04:21 | Reply

they used to have another name for this type of censorship i think they called it “communism”

I think it is quite sad that countries ban games without first investing in proper psychological research. To me, a game is as mentioned above - no different than watching a mature rated movie. There are more acts of cruelty displayed in films and on TV than in games.

If Call of Duty had been banned anywhere I lived, then that it when the real machine gun gets put on order!

Comment by toyota4x4 on 2010-03-25 17:08:06 | Reply

Its the guns…if there werent guns theyd have no need to ban violence cause you would have nothing to act out the violence with!

Comment by poo-on-u on 2010-03-26 07:23:03 | Reply

Oh ok, so Switzerland is now the new Nazi Germany huh?

Comment by Miggy on 2010-03-27 16:50:11 | Reply

Lets see that happen…

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