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XBLA: LIMBO Heading to PAX East 2010

Independent game development studio PlayDead today announced that a demo of their black and white puzzle-platformer, LIMBO, will be playable at Penny Arcade Expo East (PAX East) this weekend in Boston.

LIMBO, which is heading to Xbox LIVE Arcade this summer through a publishing partnership between PlayDead and Microsoft Games Studios, won awards for both Excellence in Visual Art and Technical Excellence at the 12th annual Independent Games Event. The game was first announced over three years ago, but very little is known about the plot, other than it is set in a dark eerie monochrome world where players take on the role of a young boy travelling through hostile environments in an attempt to discover the fate of his lost sister.

The game will use physics-based puzzles which will open up new paths when solved, but hazards and deadly traps will be cleverly placed to try and stop you in your tracks. This looks like a gory, darker, more sinister version of the old SEGA classic ‘Alex Kidd in Miracle World’, but the difference between life and death is more than just a game of scissors, paper, stone!

No exact release date has yet been announced, but we will keep you updated as soon as more information is released. LIMBO Heading to PAX East 2010 newsvine:XBLA: LIMBO Heading to PAX East 2010 furl:XBLA: LIMBO Heading to PAX East 2010 reddit:XBLA: LIMBO Heading to PAX East 2010 fark:XBLA: LIMBO Heading to PAX East 2010 Y!:XBLA: LIMBO Heading to PAX East 2010 gamegrep:XBLA: LIMBO Heading to PAX East 2010

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Argh, I completely forgot about this. :( Now I can’t go.

I forgot about this game until I read about the demo going to PAX ! - and now I am just excited for it, it looks like it could be one great XBLA game. It’ll prob be 1200 MS Points I bet - but can’t wait for it.

Going to be a good XBLA Summer I think with JoyRide, Sonic 4, Limbo…

This actually sounds like a really awesome game. I am actually looking forward to it. With my luck it will be released the week of E3.

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