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Infinity Ward Defend Stimulus Package Pricing

CVG has recently questioned Infinity Ward over gamers concerns at the pricing of the Modern Warfare 2 ‘Stimulus Package’ Map Pack due for release on March 30th for 1200 MS Points. Infinity Ward claim it is “definately a worthwhile investment”.

Overgrown & Crash Maps - Click to Enlarge

Robert Bowling, from Infinity Ward stated:

“There’s no doubt in my mind that these maps packs and the five maps are definitely worth the investment. Anybody who buys them and then plays Modern Warfare 2 online is going to get their money’s worth out of these maps.

“I mean, [we’re offering] five new locations to Modern Warfare 2, three of those brand new to the series and each of them offers their own unique kind of gameplay so no matter what kind of play style you are you’re going to get something out of these maps.”

Bailout, Salvage & Storm Maps - Click to Enlarge

It’s not like they were going to say “No, the Stimulus Package contains only three new maps and two we made a few years back, so - not worth it”, logically to promote the Map Pack they have to justify its pricing.

Only you - the player can determine if this map pack is worth buying which includes Bailout, Salvage, Storm, Crash and Overgrown Maps. If you think the content provided for 1200 MS Points is worth it, please share your opinions below.

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22 comments on 'Infinity Ward Defend Stimulus Package Pricing'

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Comment by spooky on 2010-03-25 22:56:05 | Reply

i for one dont care how much the maps cost i will buy them because i am tired of the same damn maps

Haha… I had spent ages umming & ahhing onver them weeks ago - I didn’t want to buy them as a protest for making a game that allows an infinite Care Package glitch! The boosters in this make me angry so much, I just not sure if I can spend more money to see the sad bastards sat in the corners of even more maps!

But I am buying them simply because I am sick of the current maps, and I’m just wouldn’t be able to help myself the minute I saw these on the marketplace. My 1200 points are already on my account sat waiting for the 30th!

Comment by Steve Perry on 2010-03-25 23:34:27 | Reply

Wasn’t this DLC meant to come with new perks and weapons, or was that a dream?

that was a rumour - definately no new perks or weapons

Comment by DiGiTAL Vet on 2010-03-25 23:50:35 | Reply

The last time I enjoyed a COD game was COD2, when it was more about strategy and less about who saw who first.

I also remember back then we were getting 5 ALL brand new maps for 800MPs. Now that Infinity Ward is cursed to forever have their heads up their asses due to the swelling of said heads making them to large to be removed, they decide 3 new maps are worth $15?

Don’t even mention the old maps. They were already made. They even admitted themselves they only added slight lighting/atmospheric changes.

I don’t pay your company according to how much fun I do or don’t have, I pay your company according to what the product is worth. And 3 new maps are NOT worth $15.

I always have and will continue to speak with my wallet. They will NOT receive my $15. And I traded in MW2 for a game that reminded me (in terms of strategy and gameplay) of COD2, just added features. It’s called Battlefiend: Bad Company 2. Flame me all you want, I really couldn’t care less. Point is, I was a huge COD fan, even up to MW1. But this BS has gone on for too long, and I am forever done with the COD series. It bores me trying to play CTF while everyone else is trying to rack up their experience. Atleast in Battlefield you are rewarded more for teamplay. And if you don’t like snipers, or campers, they have provided gamers with their own means of dealing with them. It’s called a mortar, or spot assist.

I’m not all that angry, just a little disappointed that people are trying to fool all the young kids into thinking they should give them double what the map pack is worth. Shame on you guys. Hope you come to your senses, eventually.

Comment by DiGiTAL Vet on 2010-03-25 23:59:26 | Reply

Also, here is some food for thought for those of you reading.
At retail MW2 came with 16 multiplayer maps, a 6 hour campaign, and the Spec Ops coop mode.

This costed $60.

Fast forward to the present.

3 new multiplayer maps, plus 2 previously made years before for MW1.

Now $15.

You are paying 1/4th of the price of the entire retail game.

You are getting less than 1/20th of the entire retail game.

Those of us who make our own way in this world will realize how much of a ripoff this is. It’s insulting. But younger kids and teenagers living with no bills don’t understand needs, only wants, and don’t picture this as being ripped off.

Again, shame on Infinity Ward for basically taking candy from a baby.

You are correct though, I agree with you. I remember the good old CoD days when some Maps were even Free!!

I don’t care how they reason it - two of those maps are old and haven’t been changed at all. The pack is not worth $15. It should be 800 points for THREE new maps and two old ones.

I mean, christ, they haven’t even re-skinned the damn things. At least Chinatown LOOKED different from Carentan.

The CoD4 Map Pack had 4 Maps for 800 MS Points. Also the World at War Map Pack Content which had 3 new maps and a new Zombie Level containing all that new content within also 800 MS Points.

I think they should be 800 MS Points, but I really would like the sales of this to be quite low. It’s probably assumed to reach over 1 Million downloads on day 1 or something.

Comment by on 2010-03-26 02:30:03 | Reply

there is no way 3 or even 5 maps are worth $15

Comment by poo-on-u on 2010-03-26 07:43:46 | Reply

Sorry, to busy playing Just Cause 2 until my f-ing eyes bleed to care about anything Modern Warfare 2 related but if I was still playing it assuming I hadn’t already returned it for store credit because I wasn’t all that impressed by it, I sure wouldn’t pay that kind of money for maps.

Not to boost a Sony thing on an Xbox site, cause I know how much you all hate that shit but Naughty Dog recently released two new maps for Uncharted 2 and they were two dollars a piece, and the one before that was free, and in my humble opinion they where pretty good maps. Just as a comparison.

Comment by Adrian on 2010-03-26 08:17:55 | Reply

I believe that this is going to be a complete failure. Yes people are still going to buy it. The only people who are getting a Stimulus Package is IW, not us. They all know we are waiting and that there are many addicts out there who will pay no matter what. But to rip us off? Im only hoping theyve included additional things in this map pack that they havent told us about. Who knows! Maybe they have included little secret things for us.

Comment by Adrian on 2010-03-26 08:19:26 | Reply

What we all need is NAZI ZOMBIES back already. We all know Infinity Ward does not own the rights to create the zombie mode. So where the hell is TREYARCH when we need them?

Comment by Steve Perry on 2010-03-27 11:13:18 | Reply

Making another shit COD title I expect.

What else was Infinity Ward spokesperson going to say? “We know we are ripping you off but we need the money!” I think the better question is do you not care what your customers feel or think? Almost sounds like a healthcare bill that I know of…

Comment by T800 on 2010-03-26 10:50:12 | Reply

I agree with “DiGiTAL Vet” COD2 was the last COD game I really enjoyed online. Now it’s about running around like an idiot shooting anything that moves.

I thought I had got tired of FPS but the game itself had got tiresome.

Battlefield is doing what COD use to do and more.

Comment by Jake on 2010-03-28 14:43:06 | Reply

I’m not sure why they’re 1200 ms pts. i mean all map packs are 800 but IW has to bump it up 400, i have 810 ms pts now, so i have to go buy $20 of pts i don’t need, i just need just $5 of it!#@#@$

Further more i think the campers and boosters will get a real kick out of the new maps for a week cuz no one knows where they are. -.-

Comment by Jeff on 2010-03-28 14:47:33 | Reply

I agree with Jake there is no reason for 5 maps to be worth $15 dollers, it just doesnt mae sense

Comment by Antonxbox on 2010-03-28 15:37:43 | Reply

Maps sound amazing but way toooooooo over priced that’s $15 dollars and the game was $60 that’s a total of $75 I could of bought COD WaW with that much money

Comment by Bob on 2010-03-29 12:45:54 | Reply

idc, sick of all the same maps, plus ill be left over with some more microsoft points to buy stuff for meh avatar :D

Comment by NEEEED on 2010-03-29 16:27:10 | Reply

they should release a 7 day demo of the maps for people to try before they buy instead of taking the fucking piss out of the gaming world. AGAIN!!!! 3 new and 2 old? wow, that’s really sold it to me.

Comment by ranger on 2010-03-29 21:11:17 | Reply

i really liked the idea of a map pack so i went out today to get some MP and i bought the cheapest they had and i expected it to be about 600 points (i have never bought expantion packs before) i wanted to spend some of the points i had on things like avatar upgrades but the pack i got only has 1200 points on it, i have the choice, stimulous package that is out tomorro or anything else at all for around 200 MP BTW here in england 1200 points is £9.99.

besides i played crash and i im not very good at it and i hate the other cod 4 map so for me its only 3 new maps for £10 not only that but has anyone thought how often we will actually get to play these levels in the game, i dont know about you but i cant remember the last time i got rust on a team deathmatch, we would need everyone on a server with the stimulous package just to be able to play them at all!!!

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