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Console Spring Update Coming April 6th

Major Nelson has officially announced the Spring Update for release on April 6th which will allow USB flash drives to be used for storing profiles, game saves, demos and even installed retail games. The information below was obtained from his blog.

Once the system update hits on April 6th, you’ll be able to connect your USB flash drives to your console and head over to the memory section to configure the new storage device. Afterwards, the system will conduct a one time performance and integrity check to confirm the drive is working properly. You will then be able to configure how much storage to use on the device, up to 16 GB. The remaining space on the flash drive will be accessible by your PC or Mac. USB Hard drives may work, but like flash memory, you’ll only be able to use up to 16GB of space. Since performance on flash based USB storage is usually better, it is highly recommended to use flash based instead of spinning media like a hard drive.

Memory Enhancements:

  • You can have 2 devices connected to the console at a time, enabling up to 32GB of simultaneous storage.
  • The system won’t just configure the device once it is connected to the console. You’ll need to head to the memory area in system settings, select your USB Device, and choose from Configure Now (Format and Configure the Full Device), or Customize (you can choose how much memory you want configured for Xbox360 from the free space on the device.)

While any flash drive can be used, Xbox LIVE are partnering with SanDisk to release an Xbox 360 branded USB flash drive in May that comes pre-configured out of the box and ready to go.

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9 comments on 'Console Spring Update Coming April 6th'

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It’s great news, though I won’t be using the USB for anything than storing demos on.

Comment by nelsonmayor on 2010-03-26 16:26:51 | Reply

Lol, what’s next?
Built-in wifi? :’)
Standard li-ion batteries?
Built-in blu-ray?
Graphics like gow3?

Too little, too late imo. Xbox already collecting dust in the attic. No good exclusive games for the past 1-2 years (i play me2 on my 3 year old pc) so i think the update is bullshit.

Comment by Steve Perry on 2010-03-26 18:09:19 | Reply

:’( Why won’t you guys just buy Playstations? It’s really hurting my feelings :’(

^ that’s you that is.

Comment by nator on 2010-03-26 17:14:19 | Reply

nelsonmayor u r an idiot….. please troll elsewhere…..

Comment by Tony on 2010-03-27 11:33:14 | Reply

Does the update have anything else?!

Comment by Strawbs on 2010-03-29 16:23:29 | Reply

I have 120GB HDD but the USB flash drive option is good to have. It really does away with the need for the MU’s.

Comment by Tony on 2010-03-29 17:53:21 | Reply

You know that the memory card ports are missing on that apparantly new 360 motherboard, so if the 360 slim comes around, you won’t be able to use memory cards with it?!

Yeah it’s a good point that… also the only reason I am hearing how the slim wont be out is because no where to put the current 360 HDD… BUT I am sure if a slim was out, the current 360 HDD could fit on the back or side of it. The height & width of the HDD is not that big - they could redesign the console for it to fit anywhere.

I hope there is a 360 slim coming bundled with Natal. Which I am hearing rumors could end up being called ‘Natural’ due to MS Patents

Comment by Big man on 2010-04-06 12:49:34 | Reply

You suck Nelson!!! I don’t like your face also!!!

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