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Microsoft Revealing Project Natal on June 13

An email announcement sent out by Microsoft reveals a major event for the future of gaming. Just before this years E3 will start, Microsoft will ‘move’ you with the “World Premier ‘Project Natal’ for Xbox 360 Experience”.

The event will include a 2 day schedule. At the early evening of Sunday, June 13, Microsoft will give a first glance at what Natal has become ever since we’ve seen Milo playing by the lake. The event will be All Ages, which seems to imply that it’s open for public, and will be taking place at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. The following morning The Xbox 360 Media Briefing will take place in which they will show all their goods for the upcoming E3.

With Microsoft showing all the Natal news on June 13, you might wonder what else they will have to fill the Media Briefing the next morning. Will Microsoft be the one with all the surprises at this years E3? We are expecting more info on pricing, the full lineup of games and of course the real name of the project. Chances that ‘Natal’ will be the marketing name for the upcoming peripheral are slim and with Sony claiming the name ‘Move’ already, what would Natal be called? Microsoft Xbox Flow sounds like a good name but who knows. More details will follow after the big revelation.

Are you getting excited to see the peripheral in action and do you have an idea what the name might be? Discuss below in the comments. Revealing Project Natal on June 13 newsvine:Microsoft Revealing Project Natal on June 13 furl:Microsoft Revealing Project Natal on June 13 reddit:Microsoft Revealing Project Natal on June 13 fark:Microsoft Revealing Project Natal on June 13 Y!:Microsoft Revealing Project Natal on June 13 gamegrep:Microsoft Revealing Project Natal on June 13

4 comments on 'Microsoft Revealing Project Natal on June 13'

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Comment by Swedish Pete on 2010-03-27 18:49:24 | Reply

“Galen” Center? Off topic (or is it actually on topic?) - “Galen” means “insane” in Swedish.

Comment by Mr.Shoe on 2010-03-27 19:04:45 | Reply

The name will probably be “The Xbox Wave”. Everything they havve proves it.

I really hope it isn’t called Xbox Live Vision 2 :)

Comment by Tony on 2010-03-28 11:14:48 | Reply

I quite like the name Boogiemaster 5000.

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