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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: New Screens

The return of the 2D Sonic that we all know and love will be released this Summer as a direct sequel to the 16Bit classic ‘Sonic & Knuckles’. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 will play as a prologue to the original Sonic, with at least three episodes planned for development, - in the meantime here are some new screenshots from the SunSet Dash Act to gawp over!.

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In total there are four levels in the first episode, each with three acts and an additional boss act, including seven bonus stages spread throughout the game. The gameplay is focused on nostalgia from the 16bit originals with levels included named ‘Casino Night’, ‘Lost Labyrinth’ and ‘Mad Gear Zone’ - so this could be more regarded as a greatest hits compilation of ideas from Sonic 1, 2 and 3. Familiar level design features include the S tunnel from Sonic 1, super-speed twist strips from Sonic 2 and ziplines from Sonic 3 to give the game a truly classic feel in a new HD era.

There are no separate online multiplayer features, but instead online leaderboards for time attack and score attack modes. Each of these modes is a separate gameplay choice most likely unlocked after you’ve finished an act once.

No exact release date has been announced, but the game will be out sometime during the Summer for the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, Nintendo WiiWare and in some format on an unconfirmed fourth platform.

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Comment by Swedish Pete on 2010-03-28 22:51:27 | Reply

Sonic is looking as badass as ever! :) Go SEGA!

…shame it’s only 4 levels, but it’s 12 Acts I guess. I am looking forward to this - it’s a childhood thing, you never forget your first Sonic :)

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