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Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Revealed

Red Dead Redemption is an upcoming third person action-adventure game in a Wild West setting being developed by Rockstar Games. Within the campaign are three main regions to explore; two in the western United States, (New Austin and West Elizabeth), and one on the Mexican border (Nuevo Paraiso), but no information on the multiplayer settings were available anywhere - until now - details that were previously kept underwraps has been posted by a Dutch Media outlet.

Rockstar are going to officially unveil new details next week, but has revealed:

“Read Dead Redemption has an extensive multiplayer mode. Instead of a lobby, it begins with a free-roaming multiplayer mode where players can run freely through the game world. They can form gangs with other players they meet there, and this transition can be computer controlled bandits.”

Included Multiplayer Modes:

  • Gold Rush - Collect as many bags of gold as possible
  • Deathmatch - Kill as many players as you can
  • Hold Your Own - Capture the Flag style game using Loot Bags

Red Dead Redemption will be released May 18th in North America and May 21st in Europe. When Rockstar reveal further official multiplayer details next week, we’ll keep you posted.

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If the free-roaming is like GTA’s free mode, I’m all over that.

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