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Goldtooth Chooses Cubic Motion for Facial Animation

Goldtooth Creative of Vancouver has selected Cubic Motion to deliver facial animation on a yet unnamed project. Cubic Motion built a custom process for applying performance-driven animation to Goldtooth’s character assets, part of a large project undertaken by Goldtooth on behalf of a client. Goldtooth used the data provided by Cubic Motion to create extremely authentic facial animation.

Cubic Motion logoDaniel Roizman of Goldtooth explained: “We chose Cubic Motion because we needed a partner who’s solution was robust enough to work with our complex rigs and capable of producing hundreds of shots in a short period of time. We exported Quicktimes of our actors’ performances and in a couple of days we were receiving high fidelity facial animation driving our rigs in Maya. Keeping the animation pipeline flowing is key in our business, and the team at Cubic Motion was able to provide us with a steady stream of high quality facial animation that plugged directly into our scenes. Facial animation is a critical element in storytelling and we are fortunate to have found a partner that can provide us with the quality and quantity of service that our productions demand.”

Mike Jones, Cubic Motion’s Director of Production, said: “Working with Goldtooth has been a pleasure - we were able to build a pipeline tightly customized to their assets, delivering animation quickly and efficiently. Goldtooth’s creative skill, combined with their technical knowledge of performance-driven animation made the whole process extremely effective. We look forward to working with Goldtooth on future projects”

Goldtooth Creative is a digital production studio behind titles as, True Crime, NBA Live 10, Fight Night Round 4, and Dues Ex-Human Revolution. Chooses Cubic Motion for Facial Animation newsvine:Goldtooth Chooses Cubic Motion for Facial Animation furl:Goldtooth Chooses Cubic Motion for Facial Animation reddit:Goldtooth Chooses Cubic Motion for Facial Animation fark:Goldtooth Chooses Cubic Motion for Facial Animation Y!:Goldtooth Chooses Cubic Motion for Facial Animation gamegrep:Goldtooth Chooses Cubic Motion for Facial Animation

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What company did the mo-cap for L.A. Noire? Not this studio, right? I feel like that’s the future of facial animation in video games.

Depth Analysis out of Australia did the motion capture for LA Noire. (I’ve been waiting to get my hands on that game!!) I hope they may have something for E3 this year.

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