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Major Nelson Victim of Gamertag Hack

Larry Hryb, best known as Major Nelson, the Director of Xbox LIVE has had his gamertag profile hacked and those responsible have posted a Youtube video to brag about their efforts. The video contains explicit language throughout and is shown below.

Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, said “it was an attack directly targeted towards Major Nelson” which has since been fixed. The hacker and his website claiming responsibility are also taking payments to hack other accounts for $60.00

Xboxic has contacted Major Nelson by email to enquire if he thinks that further security features could be implented in the future to safeguard accounts. Email addresses and passwords are clearly not enough to secure you from potential account loss, which addresses the issue if any of our gamertags are really 100% safe!

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Thanks to Jonah Falcon for this news submission.

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6 comments on 'Major Nelson Victim of Gamertag Hack'

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Comment by Jason on 2010-03-29 22:18:11 | Reply

I had my gamertag stolen and recovered on another console before. Its a good thing they were too dumb to change my password. I was also using an old email account which no longer existed, that may have helped in some way. I just recovered it back and then realized that Microsoft finally (after three years or more of people bitching about it) made the option to change your email available through the Xbox Live itself. So I just changed my email and password and have never had the problem since.

I think more security should be added to Xbox LIVE accounts - the old email addy & password sign in is too simple!

Comment by TK Chillin on 2010-03-30 00:41:25 | Reply

If this happened to me, somethng BAD would go down….Believe!!!

Comment by Tony on 2010-03-30 17:19:29 | Reply

The dude who done this is going to get all the hunnies now :D

I got hacked too. This guy named pigablanky was EXP boosting. He told me he will give me his profile for MS points. I said I will not pay for something I don’t trust, so he said fine and done it for free. He gave me his
E mail and password while I gave him mine. His turned out to be fake and he hacked me. You just can’t trust anyone can you.

The fact is, you gave out your login details, which is the worst possible thing you could ever do, you didn’t get hacked, he didn’t have to do any hacking to get your account, he simply asked for your details and you gave them to him. To be honest, you kinda deserved it, being stupid enough to actually give your details away, and for something as lame as an XP boost?

People need to get this into their heads: ANYONE trying to get your details is trying to screw you over, no matter what they offer you, even their own account, all they need to do is give a fake password while you are dumb enough to give your real details out and get fucked over. People, STOP BEING STUPID! Phishing requires no hacks or skill in any way, meaning if people stopped being stupid it would simply cease to exist, let us wipe out phishing now, by actually THINKING about the things we do with our login details, just for a few seconds.

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