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IO Interactive Lays Off Employees

A report coming out of Computerworld (translated from Danish) states that IO Interactive has laid off approximate 35 of the total 200 employees.

According to spokesman, Niels Jorgensen, “Since the IO is part of Square Enix group, which is listed in Japan, unfortunately I can not comment on the figures, Our industry is highly influenced by the individual projects, and we should be making an adjustment to how many employees are attached,”

“We are sorry to have to say goodbye to employees, but it is a natural process when working in a project organization,” he says.

This could mean that the upcoming sequel to Kane & Lynch is getting finished up and could be ready around Christmas time. As of press time, we could only get a “sometime in 2010″ response when it came to a release date.

IO Interactive has been around since 2000, releasing hits as Kane & Lynch, and the Hitman series.

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